I walked downstairs to see my mom and a dark silhouette in the shadows. The silhouette has a figure, skinny, petite, no one I knew fit this description so, I try to determine who this could be. After eliminating many suspects I had no one. I knew it wasn’t going to be anyone I knew or expected. I guess I’m up for the surprise.“There was something you wanted to tell me mom?” 

She turns and says, “I know this is a lot of news to handle but, I know your ready Abigail Piper” Then the silhouette steps out from behind the shadows. “Abi, this is your sister.”

After I realized who it was... My mouth dropped. Once I regained my train of thought, “NO WAY! SHE CAN’T BE MY SISTER!”

“Abi, she is. I’ve known since you were born but, I wanted to wait until I knew you were ready to accept it. I know how you guys ---” my mom said but, I interrupted her.

I turn to my ‘new sister’ and say, “Have you known about this? HAVE YOU!” I was extremely furious and we were like complete opposites and look completely different. 

She stutters and says, “Yes.... Well, then no... Then yes...” 

I was aggravated now. “YES OR NO! IT IS A SIMPLE QUESTION!” 

“Well, let me explain.... I found my father’s adoption papers and it said your last name on it. Then, I thought it was a prank, plus this was before.... Our --- disagreements? Then, I asked and they said it was fake. So, about 10 years later... They told me again and said it was true. Trust me. I was just as mad as you were.” she responded with a smile.

“ Ok... I guess this will work. Somehow... But what is happening with our parents?” I asked curious.

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