Our first 60 seconds-

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Sungyeol POV

As I walked into the cafe,
The first thing I saw was you-
Your eyes, your lips,
such a beutiful sight.
As I order my drink,
I looked at you once again,
tell me- who are you?
Your glorious eyes just give me shivers.
Those little smirks you give,
It's only been a minute,
Tell me your name.
I drop my ring,
I held my promise,
All I know is that-
This is the best 60 seconds I have ever spent.
I leave, wanting to smell your sent,
I noticed someone calling me-
Oh, it's you.
"Sir, You have dropped your-"
I held his face with my hands,
Holding him closer to me.
"Give me your name."
and let go of him.
He stood there confused.
"Such a cutie." I thought.
He just stared at me, putting his hand in my hand,
he put the ring inside my hand,
this ring,
the hurt,
I just need your name.
All he did was stare at me after that,
He came up to me,
whispered to my ear,
"My name-
Is Myungsoo."
and then BOOM.
I just ran and covered my beet red face.
Stalk him or what?
Guess that leaves for me to figure out tomorrow...

Myungsoo POV

As the song "60 Seconds" rings in my head,
You somehow came up,
A beautiful sight,
beautiful eyes,
Gummy smile,
It just catches my heart.
I see you ordering your drink, looking at me,
I quickly turn away, holding my fanboy feels.
"Is he really that beautiful?"
But then, I see that little ring,
So, he's taken?
Why, I need your name,
I keep staring at you,
My heart, fluttering.
I see you walk out,
Wait, your ring.
I ran up to him,
"Sir, you have dropped your-"
He held my face,
His big, warm hands.
"Give me your name."
His voice is also beautiful,
sending chills down my spine,
seems like a game, huh?
I went near his ear, whispering,
"My name-
Is Myungsoo."
I stood there, watching the beautiful stranger running.
"This is the best 60 seconds I have ever spent..."

But uh, bare with me...

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