A lot of dares! Woo!

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I dare all of the boys to twerk but with a towel on their waist and they don't have to hold their towel until the song has ended the one who was the first one to drop their towel will lose and the last one wins will also kiss the girls they like while they have no clothes on and can I watch it to this will be funny XD ~ foreverlovejelsa

All: O.O

D: *opens the door for foreverlovejelsa* Hi!

foreverlovejelsa: Hi!

Carlos: The one time we come over! *crosses arms*

Jay: Man up. Let's do this.

Boys: *runs upstairs and runs back down with towels around their waists* *blushes*

D: Um...okay. Go. *starts music*

Hiccup: *twerking like crazy* This is my jam! My jam! Uh huh! Uh- *towel drops* Oh. Nuh Uh. *pouts*

Jackson: This is weird. *not moving that much* *towel drops*

Hugh: *towel drops*

Ally/Lilly: *blushes*

Jackson: *blushing* C-can we put our towels back?

foreverlovejelsa: Nope. *grins* Feel the embarrassment.

Jack: *towel drops* Oh frost. *sighs*

Jem: I'm literally scarred Dad. *shudders*

Ealga: Yeah. No kidding.

Elsa: I'm not.

Jack: *smirks*

Elsa: *blushes*

Hiro: *towel drops* *blushes* Stupid skinny butt that can't keep the towel up!

Ealga: *doubles over laughing*

Carlos: *groans* This is so- *towel falls* Dang it. *tries to cover up*

Flynn: You're going down Tadashi.

Tadashi: No, Asher is.

Asher: No, Jay is.

Jay: No. You're all losing.

Other boys: Just hurry up so we can cover up!

Asher/Flynn/Tadashi/Jay: *towel drops at the same time*

foreverlovejelsa: *laughs* It's a tie. More embarrassment!

Jay: I'm first! *grins* D?

D: Oh gawd. O_O

Asher: I object!

Jay: Too bad! *kisses D*

D: O_O Remain. Calm. Don't kill anyone. *taking deep breaths*

Asher: *grabbing the edge of the couch so tightly it looks like it might rip*

Flynn: Jem! *grins*

Jack: No! *glares*

D: Part of the dare. *glares at Jack*

Jack: *gulps* Go ahead.

Jynn: *kisses* 

Jem: *blushing* H-here. *hands him his towel*

Flynn: *laughs and wraps the towel around his waist*

Tadashi: *grins* Robin?

Asher: Tadashi...I'm watching you. She is 14 so don't get any ideas. *glares*

Tadashi: *rolls eyes* Relax. I know what I'm doing. *kisses Robin*

Robin: *blushes and laughs nervously* Aha. Hahahaha. Ha.

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