Sarah Jane - Part 4

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Sarah Jane                  

by  sloanranger

Part  4


"Yes, Sir. Chocolate please."

He took the big metal cup and put four squirts of chocolate syrup into the bottom, grabbed the scoop from it's watery glass and began digging in the cold, sweet cream.

When he had filled the cup two thirds full of ice cream and added almost a cup of milk, he set the container under the milkshake machine and let it whir for half a minute.

He watched the child continue looking out the window.

"You have kin coming on the bus today, Sarah Jane?"

Mama says I'm to meet my Daddy here today. "It's my birthday."

"Well, I'll be. And he's coming on the 5:30, is he?"

"I reckon, Mr. Hanover - seeing as how he's not here yet."

The druggist smiled at that and poured the thick drink into a giant Dixie cup. He brought it over along with the stainless steel container and sat them both onto the table.

"You've got about fifteen minutes before the 5:30." 

"Yes, Sir," she responded. She fished the dime and nickel out of her skirt pocket and offered it up. The druggist smiled.

"I expect this one's on the house, it being such a special occasion and all."

"Thank you Mr. Hanover," Sarah Jane said. But she was smiling too, because Mr. Hanover almost always said it was a special occasion.

(To be continued).

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