Sarah Jane - Part 3

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Sarah Jane                          

by sloanranger

 Part  3

Sarah Jane sat down in one of the faded green leather booths next to the big, plate glass window; she could see the bus stop from here. She looked up at the druggist as he came over to the booth. 

"Has the bus from Bowling Green come yet, Mr. Hanover?"

"No, Sarah Jane. You going somewhere?"

"No, Sir, I'm expecting someone."

"That so. Well, is going to be a cherry Coke today or a milkshake?"

"A milkshake, please." 

The druggist went behind the soda fountain, took one of the stainless steel containers and set it on the thick oak counter. Tom re-varnished the counter every year but you could still make out the faded rings from the wet glasses in the layers below.

He promised himself one of these days he would strip the thing down to bare wood and start from scratch. It was a promise he made to himself every time Jake - from the hardware store came in for his coffee.  Jake was trying to talk Tom into putting one of those new plastic coverings on it.

Laminate, they called it.

"Same as always, Sarah Jane?"

(To be continued)

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