Chapter 1: Hiding More Truth

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I readied out my rocket launcher and took aim quickly, only for the Kell to disappear again, along with its ship.

"And...he's gone." Petra sighed frustratedly through the Ghost's chat comms.

"We lost him again..." Ivory groaned.

I put a reassuring arm over her shoulder. "Looks like you owe me another drink."

"Can you shut up?!" She shouted angrily, throwing my arm off of her.

"No problem, Guardians." Petra reassured. "There are still plenty of Wolves in there. Best clear them out."

"We're on it." Zero replied as he took out his machine gun and opened fire on the Fallen.

I unleashed my Arc Blade ability and took out nearby Vandal swiftly. Once it had worn off, I found myself facing a Captain. It aimed its weapon at me and fired a huge blast of burning energy.

"Whoa...!" I instinctively ducked out of the way and turned to see the ball of fire impact against a wall before exploding. Well damn... "Is that supposed to scare me?" I taunted with a wicked grin spread across my face as I aimed my rocket launcher. I pulled the trigger, sending a heavy rocket hurtling into the Captain's chest, blasting it back with a powerful explosion.

I love my job.

"Well, that was fun." I yawned before setting my eyes it's weapon, which was sent skittering away from the impact of the rocket. "Hmm?" I walked over and picked it up curiously.

"Impressive weaponry." Petra awed. "Variks, what is that thing?"

A scratchy voice soon accompanied hers on the chat comms. "Scorch cannon. Powerful, and very rare indeed."

I handed it to Zero, who had walked over to take a look. He observed it on all sides before tossing it back at me in disgust.

"That thing only has ten rounds! What the hell are we gonna do with it?" He scoffed.

"Don't underestimate its power." Variks replied patiently.

"Thats right," Ivory added. "Maybe we can save it, and the Future War Cult can figure out a way to use it."

"Fair point..." My brother muttered.

"In any case, you did good today." Petra praised. "But Winter now bows to Skolas, and the Wolves have just gotten started. Titan, I'd like you to return to the Reef so we can discuss our next course of action. The two Huntresses may return to the camp and get some rest."

"Guess we'll see you later." Ivory sighed sadly.

"Yeah, well..." Zero grumbled. "Later then."


"I'm still waiting on that drink." I pestered Ivory as we made our way to our quarters.

"Leave me alone and let me rest a few hours!" She whined, slapping me playfully.

"A drink? As in you failed your mission again?" We whipped around to find Alpha and Li Ling, two Hunters from another fire team we had started getting along with lately. "S'up." Alpha greeted casually.

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