World of Hate: Chapter 3

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Chapter 3:

I woke up the next morning. Today was a saturday. I groaned, why did i get up so early? There was a slight knock at my door.

"Come in." I put my pillow over my face.

"Its me." Noah sat on my bed laughing at me.

"What do you want noah." I sat up looking at him my blonde hair falling in my face.

"I was wondering if tonight a lovly lady would like to go to the movies?"

"Well if that lovly lady is Taylor or Tori then yes they would go." He chuckled. I smiled a smal smile at him.

"I would like you to go with me." I thought for a while.

"Is there dinner invlved?" I looked at him and then to my clock.

"Yes, and ill pick you up at 7." He walked out of my room while my mom brought me some bacon and orange juice.

"What was noah doing in your room honey?" My mom gave me my bacon and put my ornage juice on my night stand.

"Well he asked me out on a date." My mom got a huge smile on her face. "I know right!"

"Im suprised he didnt pick one of those twins." We laughed while she took one of my bacon strips. I raised an eyes brow at her.

"Well i made it i better get at least one." I could never get enough of my mom. 7 came around fast and i was getting into Noahs red truck.

"Were we going to eat?" He looked over at me while he drove down the highway.

"Were going to this great barbicu place." He must have talked to my mom becuase i was in love with barbique. After we werew done eating we went to the movies and watch Hangover 2. I knew the guy so he let us in for an extra 5$.

"That movie was awesome!" I practically shouted. We laughed the whole way to his truck. I had a feeling something was follwing me all night but i shook it off. I looked around and noticed a pair of red eyes looking at me.

"Noah." I whisperd to him when the thing jumped out of the shadows tackling me to the ground. I tried getting it off while Noah half way shifter and grabbed the thing off. My cheek was bleeding from were is scartched me. Noah had fully shifted and started to back away slowly.

He shook the thing back and forth vilontly. The things arm came rolling toward me and i had to hold in my scream. The hand started comeing toward me and grabbed onto my leg. I shook my leg tryin to get it off. Its claws sinked into my leg and i screamed bloody murder.

Noah looked up at me and say that my leg was bleeding. My blood was black not red. So that gave me more reason to freak out! Noah dropped the bodie walking toward my leg scratching the thing off and bit it in half. the body and the arm layed in the road, not moving.

He shifted back.Him beign naked really didnt affect me now. I started to feel dizzy. My cheak was still bleeding and the lower half of my leg was coverd in blood. Noah ran to the car coming back with a first aid kit. He treated my cheak and coverd the woound on my leg with those wrap that they put on sprained wrist.

He picked me up and drove me home kicking open the door. I was half awake. My mom was screaming and my dad had takin me out of noahs arms. "What happend!" MY mom screamed at noah.

I couldnt hear what noah was saying becuase i was out of the room and was layed onto a examination table. Where did they get this? My mom and noah walked in and came around me. My vision was becoming blurry and i can barely see.

"We need angel blood." my dad said. And that was the last thing i herd and my vision went dead.




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