Bad timings & wrong routes

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It was officially my last day here. I'd leave for England tomorrow morning.

I already packed everything with the help of my friends but I kept thinking I was forgetting something. Maybe it was just the nervous jitters.

"I'm gonna miss you so much kat" Tris and Jess cry.

"Awe I'm going to miss you guys too" I hug them

"Girls are so dramatic" Grey tells Jay

"I know, like she's just going away for 10 months not forever plus she's get winter break off and spring break and there is something called a phone" Jay says

" We all know you're gonna miss Katie the most" Tris winks at him

"Yah sureee" Jay says sarcastically

After that Jess and Grey leave saying their goodbyes to me.

I walk back into the kitchen to see Tris and Jay arguing over what to eat.

How can they think of eating right now? I'm so nervous for the exchange program I can barely walk and think straight.

"Yo Katie"


"Are you okay I just asked you what you wanted to eat since this is your last meal here before you leave"

"Oh sorry I'm just nervous I guess" I say

"Oh okay well what do you want" Tris says

"Umm pizza seems good" I say

" Hey Katie why don't you go on a jog, jogs always tend to calm you down right" Jays asks

A jog, that's perfect why hadn't I thought of that before!

I nod and leave to get changed.


The wind blew in my face as I jogged past the old park where kids were still playing despite it being pretty dark already.

I jogged my regular route waving to all the old folks that walked by for their evening walks .

I was almost done my jog when I had a random urge to keep going so I did.

I jogged to the jogging trail near the forest.

Just when I thought I had enough of jogging tonight I realized I was off trail and lost.

Ugh stupid brain I guess I was so lost in thought I didn't realize I took a wrong route right into the forest.

I started walking in the direction I thought would bring me out of the forest.

I walked another 15 minutes and then started hearing voices.
Thank The Lord finally a sign of life!

I walked closer to the voices and realized they were arguing.

I recognized one of the voices, I hid behind a tree and tried catch glance of who was arguing.

"Kai you know you have to go back"

Kai?! What as in Kai peters? That's why I recognized the voice.

I decided to get closer and see what they were arguing about. What curiosity got the best of me!

"Kai if you don't go back now your dad will beyond pissed"

"I know I'll go back just not yet okay"

"Kai if you don't go back the easy way I'll have to use the hard way" the other guy says while pulling out a gun.

A gun!? what !

Kai laughs " I thought you were here to protect me not attack me"

"I'll do what I have to do" the other guy says

Kai also pulls out a gun and I take that as my cue to leave. Just when I'm about to leave a gun shot goes off and a scream leaves my mouth.

I look up to see Kai holding his gun out and the other guy on the ground.

Kai's head jerks in my direction.

When our gazes lock, I know it's time to run.

I start to run and hear Kai let out cuss and started to chase me.

I ran and ran just when I thought I had lost him a pair of arms grab me from the back.

I was about to scream when Kai's hand covered my mouth. He turned me around so I was facing him.

"If I take my hand of your mouth will you scream" I shook my head indicating a no

Slowly he took his hand off but kept his other hand on my wrist.

"Please don't kill me" I said shaking

"What" Kai asks confused after a minute he gets it

"Oh you mean back there, Katie that mans not dead and I won't kill you" Kai says and for some reason I believe him.

"But since you saw that I can't let you go okay"

"What, no I promise I won't tell anybody" I plead

He looks at me as if he's considering my offer.

I hope he says yes because things were finally looking up for me with my acceptance into the exchange student program.

"Ya.... No, I can't trust you" Kai scoffs

"What! please!, how are long would you be keeping me, like 10-20 minutes cause then it's fine" I try to convince him

"As long as I need you" what's that suppose to mean? need me ? for what?

Before I can ask a pair off arms grab me and throw me over his shoulders.

How is this happening to me, I hate me and my bad timings!

I try to scream to get help but all I get is a laugh from mr.rudeboy here

"Screaming isn't gonna help you know, nobody can hear you this deep in the forest especially at night. So I suggest you stop screaming and save your voice" Kai smirks

I know he's right but that doesn't stop me so I keep screaming until my voice finally gives out.

It's been like an hour we've been walking well Kai walking and me just hanging from his shoulders.

"How long have you been walking" I yawn

Kai ignoring me just keeps walking. Only than do I realize how tired I am and I know I'm probably gonna fall asleep soon. But just before everything thing goes black it hits me that I've just been kidnapped by the bad boy.


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