Chapter 3

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The next morning I was in no mood to go to school. My body was sore, my head hurt, and overall I was just tired. I rolled over, and looked for my phone. I rubbed my hands up and down the bed until I hit it. I threw the cover off of me, and I put the phone up to my face. The light was to bright so on instinct I moved it away, and wiped my blurry eyes. I pulled the phone back up to my eyes. I went to my dial pad, and dialed my dad's number.

:Hello: He answered in a groggy tone.

:Good Morning dad, sorry to wake you.:

:Is everything alright?: He asks with minimum shuffling in the background.

:Just fine. I called because I'm not feeling well, and I wanted to let you know I'm staying home.: I explained.

:Yeah..: He clears his throat. :That's fine, just make sure Feizon and La'rey leave out.:

:Okay Dad, Love you.:

:Love you too: He says and I hang up.

I sigh deeply, and stand up to stretch from my bed. I start looking around the room to find my pajama bottoms as I walk to the bathroom. After I use the facility, I come out to be startled by Jalonni. "What the hell?" I scream lowly.

"What are you doing up so early?" He asks pushing past me to enter the bathroom.

"Somebody has to wake up Faizon and La'rey." I respond walking away from the door.

"Yeah because I ain't gonna do it." I roll my eyes at his comment because he is full of shit. One minute you love us then you go to treating us like shit.

I wake towards Faizon and La'rey's room to wake them up. I open the door, and they are sound asleep.

I walk over to their beds, and start to shake them lightly. "C'mon guys time to get up..." I say softly.

"Daddy?" La'rey says softly, and I chuckle lowly.

"No little man. It's Hyden." I say as I sit on the bed.

"Good morning." He sits up and gives me a hug.

"Good morning bug." I hug him back.

Faizon opens his eyes, and blinks hard looking around. "Time for school?" He mumbles.

"Yeah, Get up..." I say as he sits up.

You guys find your outfits, and I will walk you to the bus stop. I'm gonna go make breakfast.

"Okay.." They both say as I exit the room to go downstairs.

I walk down the stairs, and I notice the kitchen light is on. I peek over the rail, and it's just Jalonni. I roll my eyes as I continue down the stairs to enter the kitchen. He is sitting at the table with a bowl of cereal, staring at me. I ignore his stares, and walk to the refrigerator. "You know you could be nice one day, and cook breakfast." I say as I pull out the Waffles and Bacon, sitting them on the counter.

"I am nice.." He continues to eat his cereal.

"You're not..." I say as I open the bacon. "You're the oldest. I shouldn't be doing all this if dad left you in charge."

He stands up and walks over to the sink to place his bowl inside. He burps then says "Shut the hell up." He walks out of the kitchen, and Instantly want to take this butter knife and stab him in his sternum. I resist the urge.

I cut on the stove, and oven to prepare my brothers food. Once I do that I walk back upstairs to check my phone. I had one message from Theo telling me good morning. I reply good morning back, and sit my phone back down. I look up in the doorway, and Faizon is standing there. "You looking fresh little man come here." He comes in my room, and I tie his shoe laces. "You're gonna have all the girls crazy over you." I say as I grab the brush to brush his waves.

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