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Chapter 1: Death Wish


       Standing before her grave was supposed to be depressing, but all Dakota could feel was a burning rage as she read her mother's name on the granite headstone.

       In Loving Memory of Christine King

            February 7 - June 9

Loved Wife of Adam

Loved Mother of Shawn and Dakota

       Christine died, to give Dakota life, and for that she would be forever grateful. But the burden Dakota received as her mother passed was unforgivable. She was the woman of the house, they asked her for permission before leaving. Dakota cooked, she cleaned, everything. She was there to pick up all of their broken pieces, gluing each shard back in place as they pricked and prodded at her fingers.

       Dad said she was a carbon copy of her, her body, her face, her voice, even her hair and eyes were exactly like hers. But Dakota wanted nothing more, than for that to be different. "Hey! What are doing here?" A dark haired man with piercing blue eyes demanded, walking quickly over to her.

       "This is a cemetery."

       "I'm aware, but why are you in it?"

       "Oh, I don't know, I like spending my free time watching the dead push up daisies. It's time consuming and requires the utmost care." Dakota sardonically replies, standing up and brushing the dirt off her hands and knees.

       His blue eyes scrunched up, his scrutinizing gaze intense. "I don't like your sarcasm."

       "I don't like your stupidity."

       "That's rude."

       "So is interrupting me when I'm talking to my mother." Blue eyes looked down at the headstone before her, reading over the words. "Can I help you with something?"

       "I'm assuming you're Dakota, and if you are, then no. You can't help me with something, or anything."

       Dakota's face remained stern as she stared  up at his towering frame. He was clearly a vampire, he had blood on the corner of his mouth and for a split second the veins beneath his eyes were visible. "I hate having a disadvantage, what's your name?"

       "That's for me to know, and you to dot dot do-" In an instant Dakota threw the man away from her, his body flying into the trees. She sped over to him, lifting him up by his shirt.

       "Let's try that again, shall we?" Taking a jagged piece of wood, Dakota stabbed it through his abdomen. "What is your name."

       "Damon." He groaned, his hand coming up to attempt to stop the makeshift stake from going any further through his body. "Damon Salvatore."

       "Was that so hard? Now, I'd like for you to leave so I can spend some quality time with my very, very dead mother."

       "You're a vampire."

       Dakota pouted, her eyes drooping down in faux sadness. "What gave me away?"

       "You're grieving over your dead mother," Damon gasped for breath as Dakota twisted the stake a bit. "—how very human of you."

       "We were all born human, Damon. Some of us stay in touch with our human side, because it keeps them sane." She leaned into him, placing her lips by his ear. "It's vampires like you, that break that sanity and turn them into your worst nightmares."

       "I'll keep one eye open when I sleep tonight."

       She laughed aloud. "No, don't. Keep them shut. I love it when they squirm because of the suspense. Their fear begins to radiate off of them, like a perfume. Their blood pumps faster, their skin turns pink." Dakota could feel the veins under her eyes tingling, the words triggering her thirst. "And when you finally bite them to drink, swallowing their essence. It's euphoric."

"You're insane."

"Aren't we all a little insane," Dakota fought back a smile as she watched a thin brunette girl start walking through the cemetery. "Looks like we have company."

"No, Elena." Damon yelled. "Run."

"Aww, how very human of you." She teased and stepped back, watching him stand there with the branch through his stomach. "See you around Damon."

Dakota was strolling through the town, drinking in the sight and people who looked quite familiar, though she knew she'd never met them. While sightseeing, a man had bumped into her, dropping coffee all over her shirt. "Are you kidding me?" Dakota shouted, taking in her ruined shirt, not caring that the coffee was burning her skin slightly, it would heal. "Watch where the hell you're going." She scolded the guy, his blue eyes twinkling with excitement.

"My apologies, love. Let me help you." His hand gripped hers, but Dakota shoved it away.

"You've helped quite enough." She ignored his surprised face. "Just get out of my way."

His hand was all to quick to grab Dakota's arm. "If I were you, I'd show me a little respect."

"I haven't punched you yet," She grabbed his arm, twisting it back until she heard a crack. "That's about as much respect as you're going to get."

      "Do have any idea who I am?" He questioned, his anger growing stronger.

       The female nodded, pretending that she had a clue. "Yes. You're a pathetic guy who can't watch where he's going as he walks down the street. Not only is that true, but he's also a narcissist."

       "Close," A familiar voice answered from behind her.  "He's Niklaus Mikaelson, original vampire hybrid." Damon rested a hand on her shoulder while the thin brunette stood close beside him, staring at Dakota with anger.

       "Damon, how nice of you to join us. Now that I know who this man is, I'll continue to yell at him for his inconvenience, but this time I'll have a name to go by. You were very helpful thank you." Turning her attention back to Klaus, she smiled at him grabbing the still half full coffee from his hands and splashing it over his shirt. "There, now we match." I dropped the cup and walked away from them, throwing a smile over her shoulder as they stared.

       "Who the holy hell is that?" The brunette whispered.

       "Dakota King and apparently she has a death wish."

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