this is my new story, it's a werewolf love story and it's not edited so yeah vote comment whatever floats your boat lol!!!!!!                                                    


Rayne's POV

 7 months ago

I looked deep into his hypnotizing saphire eyes as he leaned in for another gentle kiss.

I smiled at him as he removed his arms from around my waist with a sigh, He grinned back ruffling his messy hair. Caressing his face gently as a silent goodbye, I picked up my bag and left the pack house. I knew I would only be away for a little bit but my heart ached at the thought of leaving my mate, even if it was for a bit the thought was still horrific.

I got into a taxi as soon as it pulled up beside me and asked the driver to go to the airport. The taxi driver was an Scottish man, called Robert, he had short brown hair  and almond eyes he was really friendly. He is the living proof that not all taxi drivers are moopy and moody he let me go on and on about my problems with a smile and even tried to help me. He was a werewolf and a lonewolf, i suggested that he should ask Damon, my mate, to join my pack and say i suggested it beacuse i knew he had a sad history and being alone wouldn't help him.

When I finally got to the airport I got on my plane and never looked back...


I know this is short but it's just the prologue so yeah!!!!!!!!

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