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While in the Autobots' base.........

Acree: Optimus why did you all call us here......

Bulkhead: Yeah I have better do........ 😒

Bumblebee: Come on guys. If Prime called us it must be really important. 😐

Wideye Prime: Oh hey, I was looking for you guys! Guess what!

Everyone: What?

Wideye Prime: It is my birthday! 😁 Now where is my cake?

Everyone: *Suddenly looks worried and scared*

Wideye Prime: Guys, you didn't forget did you now? Did you now! *Says it in a scary deep sound*

Acree: No we didn't........Here let me just quickly get it. *Leans over to Bumblebee and whispers* Stall him for me..... *Runs away quickly baking cake*

Bumblebee: Hey, don't we blow up some balloons and set up a party for you?

Wideye Prime: *Goes back to normal voice* Yeah why not and also I want a present too from you guys so I can treasure forever!

Bulkhead: I just will go and pick something up! *Mouths to Bumblebee that he will get the present* 

Wideye: Sure! Whatever Fat Greenie!

Bumblebee: *Gets balloons and colour paper* Lets start to set up!

*Time skips and everything is set up*

Wideye Prime: Where is everyone?

Bumblebee: Don't worry they will come.

Wideye Prime: I hope so.....unless they forgot......

Arcee: * Enters with the cake in a hurry* Here you go!

Wideye Prime: Rc!

Acree: Got the cake now we can celebrate your birthday!

Wideye Prime: But my present.........

Bulkhead: *Enters with Unicron captured*

Bumblebee: What the frag Bulkhead!

Wideye Prime: *Gasps* It is what I wanted! A unicorn! *Pets Unicron's head* I shall name you Unicorn.

Unicron: I am not a pet! I am Unicron the Destroyer!

Wideye Prime: It can speak! Thank you guys! Now this is going to be an awesome party!

Ratchet: *Enters in* What the frag is going on here! *Looks to see the other Autobots shaking their heads with their panicked faces* I mean happy birthday!

Wideye Prime: Oh you remembered! 😀

Suddenly Megatron smashes through the wall

Megatron: Yes I have finally found the Autobots' base!

Knockout: * Appears behind him with all the decepticons* It is about time!

Autobots: *Gasps*

Wideye Prime: Hey guys! Welcome to the party! Guess what is the celebration about?

Megatron: Umm....I don't know.

Autobots: *Start to panic and run around screaming*

Wideye Prime: WHAT! *Says it in a scary voice*

Megatron: *Gulps and sees Knockout signalling him that he is going to die very soon by Prime* Wait! Please don't kill me!

Bumblebee: Dude you are going to die!

Megatron: Decepticons attack now before he kills me!

Decepticons: *Hugs Prime*

Wideye Prime: Oh, you guys stop! I feel loved! *Says in normal voice* Okay I surrender! You guys are forgiven!

Megatron: Yes! He submits!

Wideye Prime: Lets party! It is my birthday after all!

Megatron: Yeah why not. Decepticons, party with the Autobots!

*Everyone starts to party and dance with the music played by Soundwave. They all began to sing happy birthday to Prime and ate cake the whole night*

Everyone: Happy birthday Optimus Prime!