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After Tuesday Zach hadn't talked to me for two days. This is why I don't let people in. They see the real me and think I'm a monster. Probably because I am.

After I let those thoughts back into my mind, nightmares fill my dreams. I wake in a cold sweat screaming. Callie always comes in and asks if I'm okay, but every time I just tell her to go away.

But the thing is that my nightmares aren't just about what I did it's about Zach too. Me killing him or him killing me. That's the worst one.

As it's now Thursday I stand up. All I want to think about is Zach. My mind wanders to him. I'm not sure if I'll be going to the fight tonight either.

After I took a shower and got dressed, did my makeup I walked downstairs Zach wasn't there.

I frowned getting into my truck and leaving. At school Zach avoided me. After I went home so angry with myself.

I'm going to the fight.


Once I was there and my name was called I got on the stage. I pushed all my energy and anger into this fight.

I moved swiftly and strongly. After the fight I got off. I didn't see Zach. Then someone whispered in my ear.

"I'm sorry" by now I know that voice. That's Zach.

I quickly turned around to see him. He was gone. They called his name and he was one the stage. Our eyes locked for a split second then he turned away.

I watched him fight. I watched his technique. He really was great. Once he was done I ran trying to find him but he was already gone.


I woke up on the cold hard ground. I stood up and looked around. It was a dark room with cement floors. Only one light was on. I started walking towards it. A person was standing there.

As I got closer I recognized her as myself. A reflection almost. Still in fighting clothes. Then a table appeared with a gun on it.

"Take it" said a voice a didn't recognize

My reflection picked it up and I saw the first child I killed. A little girl wearing a pink dress. I cover my mouth in horror.

"You know what to do" said the voice

She aimed the gun.

"Noo!" I screamed then the gun fired

I watched again as the light left her eyes and the color drained from her skin.

Then Zach appeared and the gun was gone. My reflection and I said the same thing.


"You are a monster" he said to the reflection

Tears started to roll down my cheeks. My mouth was hanging open.

Zach turned to me.

"And you. Your just horrible. I hate you" he said lifting my chin then dropping it

My reflection was gone and so was Zach.

The words I hate you echoed threw the room getting louder and louder. I tried to run but I went no where. I sat on the ground crying.

I sat up screaming in my bedroom.

Callie rushed in.

"Lexi are you all right" she asked

I nodded yes breathing heavily.

She nodded and left.

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