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I am Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze and I am the undercover ANBU. The Hokage gave me this mission and now look who I am stuck with. A bunch of genin hopefuls. I bet they have never experienced what I have. Suddenly I can feel the tattoo on my arm burn and I know that I am being summoned to the Hokage. One problem. How can I get out without them suspecting something's up? I just went out of the classroom and now I have just got back. 

I'm am here at the academy to protect the last loyal Uchiha as he may be a flight risk. Luckily Iruka-Sensei calls us out for Taijutsu practice and I feel him that I feel unwell and go home but instead, I am racing to the Hokage tower to get there in time for the meeting and get into my ANBU stuff at the same time. 

As soon as I stepped in the room the Hokage gave me a disapproving glare and gestured for me to stay behind after the meeting. I gulped and hoped no one had noticed but unluckily for me, everyone had noticed and were snickering at my expense. "SILENCE!!!!!" Roared the Hokage at the ninja and they immediately shut up.

I turned my eyes down to the ground and awaited the wrath of the Hokage, but he nods and understands that I needed to get to places fast and that I couldn't get out fo the classroom very quickly, especially since I was seen as a prankster and the teachers would not let me out of their sight! I settled down for the meeting and soon enough the teacher was talking about the upcoming Genin exams and then the Chunin ones that were just after that. 

Then it delved into the darker matters that were needed to be addressed. The fact that Orochimaru was still out there and looking for the last Uchiha resounded in my head and made me keep to my mission, even more, to protect Sasuke, even though he was really annoying. 

I blended into the shadows behind me and people didn't notice that I had done that until it was near the end of the meeting. I was waiting for the meeting to end so I would get my smallish punishment for being late because if I was seen without a punishment, they would think that the Hokage was taking sides. I thought that it could be a D-ranked mission, surely the Hokage would not give me the Tora one. I shuddered in fear, the days of the Tora mission was over for me, especially since I thought I had ended up with more whisker marks on my face from the cat.

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Photo at top is his ANBU uniform and what he looks like when he is 12-13

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