You faked a cough with one hand held a phone with your foot thrown up on the couch. "Y-yeah, I'm sorry, but I can't go to school today!" you told your mom. You sniffled your nose looking at the time. "Yeah, I love you too, bye mom; and no I am not getting worse, I'm getting better! N-no, I'm not on my perio- I'm just sick." You lied "Finally!" You stood up and smirk. You weren't really sick. The reason why you had to lie was pretty much because there was a school dance. Thoughts of no one going to ask you out for the school dance stayed in your mind. Now, this had been going on for 3 days in a row now and yet your mother fell for your trick.

If you did attend school for these 3 days, you'd pretty much be embarassed. All your friends got asked out, including the nerdy-nerds with bad heigine.


The next day after that, your mother had been out all day at the spa. Hours past as you waited for her to come, then a knock appeared at the door. "I'm coming!" You holler as your foot-steps were loud and rushed. You opened the door. "Hello?" You say seeing a few of the jocks from your school.

One of them waved. Without hesitation one of the guys had put something over your mouth. It was a cloth. "Breath..." he said calmly. You tried to hold your breath but you couldn't, you inhaled then passed out in the arms of the person whom held the cloth.


You awoken to find yourself not tied at all. You sat yourself up. "P-Prussia?" he looked at you and smiled as if nothing had happened. Almost sweetly yet lustfully. "Yes?" He smirked standing up from his chair. "What....happened?" you looked around to see a nice house that was very spacious. Then you realized that it was a modern looking bedroom.

He chuckled as he sat down on the bed beside you. "The question is, what happened to you? You don't look sick at all?"

"Uh... Yes I am!" You fake cough even though it was already obvious that you were faking. "You know Tiff', I wanted to take you to the dance." he flirtatiously said leaning in closer. "H-huh, you're lying!" You flinched back.

"Why would the oh so awesome me lie?" he truthfully said.

"U-uh....I don't know..." Before you knew it, he laid on top of you with his hands pinning your wrist against the bed. "What are you going to do?" You say trying to free your wrist. "It's called a punishment lovely!" Prussia bent in forward as he started to kiss around your neck leaving a few love bites.

Then, he directly kissed on the lips not being gentle at all. He deepens the kiss with his tongue. "Would you like me to take your virginity?" He asked almost teasingly. "Do that, I'll kill you!"

"Meh, it's worth it!" He shrugged smirking.

"Wait... n-no!"

"Alright then, I guess I'll just leave you here-"

"NO! F-fine...." Without further adieu, he took of his pants along with his underwear and pretty much all of his clothing. Then he helped himself and took off yours for you. Sooner or later, you were undressed and your body was revealed. He spread your legs apart and entered you slowly feeling your tightness surround his manhood. You moaned softly as you tried to get used to how big he was and how it stretched your woman hood. Then, Prussia started to slowly move around, in and out.

This caused you to moan even more. "More..." The Prussian heard you and started to thrust harder and harder with each second. Then he started to move at the speed of light. He chuckled and hinted a blush in his cheeks. You moaned really loud as he hit your sweet spot and this had caused you to get a bit red.

He threw your leg over his shoulder to get deep within you. His big manhood felt so good as his it rubbed against your genital areas. "Do you want it harder?" He asked as he brushed away a few strands of hair in your face. You nodded begingly which satisfied him. He did as so and went in and out faster and faster.

You let a moad escape your lips as your eyes were tightly shut. "Tiff', I'm going to...." He too closed his eyes as he felt it come. "Me too!" you say as the bed rocked. Suddenly, you felt his hot fluids fill you. He lowered himself so that the both of you were face to face. "Prussia..." you say as you lifted one hand to his face. He rested himself along side your neck. "I love you!" you continued.

He chuckled once again. "And that is why you should always go to school, otherwise I'd punish you; and yeah, I love you too!" his humor made you laugh a bit. "Idiot..." you teased him. Prussia ploped down beside you. Then, later on, the both of you drifted off to sleep.

The End

o-o" I need to fix the ending. Seems a bit 'off'. I'll fix it sometime soon when I have an idea. Any who, I hope you enjoyed this lemon. It's also unedited as are my other stories, sort of xD Hehe, blah, blah blah, k, byes :D <<<< That's a lot of commas :D *gets hit by rock*


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