rockelle p.o.v

momma perez called me in the kitchen...

" rocky you know i love you like a second daughter right ? " she asks.

" Yes , & i love you like a second Mom." i say.

" you wouldnt lie to me right ?" she asked.

" no i wouldnt , wassup mommy ?" i asked.

" well look i was born at night but not last night , i see the syptoms are you pregnant baby ?" she asks. i smiled & looked down.

" Yeah... i just found out not to long ago. " i say.

" Its not by that daniel boy right ?" she says

" No its not... its actually your son. " i say.

" soo you telling me imma be a grandparent ? im tooo younggg " sge says be all dramatic. i laughed.

" you gone have to get use to it Ma " i say laughing.

" well yknow i got your back babyG , you need it , you got it. " she says.

" Thank you , i love you Ma " i say hugging her.

" i love you too " she says kissing my cheek.

i walked out the kitchen and chilled with everybody. i told them i am pregnant and they were excited for me & prince. but liyah thinks she low. girl had atleast 4 slices of pizza amd threw up atleast 3 times. she probably in the same sitiation as me...

(3months later)

rockelle p.o.v

im three months pregnant. its been an ok process. i just had my first appointment not to long ago. speaking of pregnant , guess who else got a baby on the way ? aaliyah Perez. yup i was right she was pregnant. the crazy thing is we right behind each other , like her baby and my baby birthdays gone be back to back. oh by the way i still havent told my dad or my mom that im pregnant..iknow thats sad , but im just scared of my father reaction.but ill tell them later on today. they're gonna find out anyway. im starting to show. we decided to go to fridays today. i got up and got dress in this(in comments below) i put mascara and lip gloss on and walked downstairs.

" Look at my Twin looking like a million bucks. " Liyah says. i laughed.

" Thanks liyah "

we get to fridays and we get a table and stuff. we were having a good time. until my phone rung.

" Hello ?"

" hey Rocky , this diggy. I miss you." i looked at my phone to see the number. i laughed.

" Nigga is you drunk ? ion care if you miss me. You got a pet Squirrel to attend to " i say.

" c'mon dont be like that baby , we both did things we regret , we can get past it " i laughed again. i aint know diggy was this funny.

" i dont regret nothing i did. Now loose my number bitchh boy. " i say.

" This why i started cheating on your ass , you so fucking stubborn , i regret calling your bitchy ass. " he says yelling.

" Nigga who you calling a bitch ? ill show you a bitch !!" i say. prince grabbed my phone.

" Listen nigga , rocky my girl now..well she always been my girl but anyways stop calling her so dont want you , never did. so stop dick riding her. && if you ever disrespect her again , im beating your ass. " prince say hanging up.