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The sun was already setting, when Heiji and Kazuha got out of the school building. The scene looked so beautiful, Kazuha wished to stay there for a bit longer to admire the sunset, but some stupid, hungry butthole was impatient. 

Kazuha walked towards the street, but Heiji pulled her back.

"Where are you going?" Heiji asked confused and slightly surprised.

"Going to get a taxi for dinner."Kazuha answered innocently.

Heiji's head dropped anime style, then looked back at her.

"We're gonna go with my motorcycle." Heiji said.

"Motorcycle?!"Kazuha said as she paled. No way, no freaking way she's going on that motorcycle. No thank you.

"Yeah, motorcycle." Heiji assured her.

Kazuha gulped audibly and she was as pale as a paper. Heiji chuckled at her reaction.
"Scared?" Heiji asked, smirking at her.
She turned her face stubbornly and refused to admit it, "Pft! Me?! Please. I'm not afraid of anything."

"Yeah right, anyway, I assure you that I'm a good driver, there's nothing to worry about, trust me."

"I said I'm not scared!" Kazuha exclaimed. Still refusing to admit that she is scared of riding the motorcycle.

"Oh ya? Prove it." Heiji said.

"Ok! I will ride the motorcycle."
"Ok, deal. But first, we have to chose a place for us to eat."
"Ok, mmmmm. I know! Let's go to Biella! Haven't went there for a long time."
"Ok, sure"

He put his helmet on his head and started the engine, then handed Kazuha the extra helmet he had on his motorcycle.
Kazuha took the helmet, but still not sure if she should hop on or not. But an idea crossed her mind. It is stupid, but it was worth a shot.
"Oh my god! I forgot my phone in the locker room!" Kazuha exclaimed, " I have to go get it!"  She was just about to run but her phone rang from inside her bag.

Kazuha's eyes dotted and Heiji just looked at her, and sighed, he took the helmet from her hands and put the helmet on her head.
"Nice try. Just hop on."

She hesitantly sat behind him and wrapped her hands around his waist.
"Are you ready?"
She just nodded.

The bike roared with life, causing her to firmly wrap her hands around his waist.

She let out a small shriek, but thankfully he couldn't hear her because of the wind and passing cars. Her eyes were closed shut, but when she finally got the guts to open them again, she found herself lost and amazed. She couldn't make out the passing cars or buildings. All she saw were beautiful colors racing past them, it was magical...

She lessened her grip and continued staring at the scenery around her. Finding herself lost in a daze... It felt nice.

And all too soon ended.

Heiji had parked near the front of the restaurant. She pulled off the helmet, "First time huh?" She looked up at the sound of the voice.

She shrugged her shoulders, "Was it that obvious?"

He let out a small laugh, "Well, you did look pale when you saw it and tried to run away, and then you held on really tight, kinda hurt" he rubbed his left side, adding more effect to his statement. She sent him a glare, "I'm just kidding," he laughed out, "but it didn't last long, seemed you for over it real quick" he said, impressed.

"Whatever, let's just eat, I'm hungry." Said Kazuha.

When they stepped inside the restaurant Kazuha shuddered from the sudden cold from the air conditioning. A beautiful women, with a bright smile that was welcoming, welcomed them to the restaurant and they took a table for two and sat there reading the menu, choosing what to eat. Until the waiter came to take their orders.

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