You Break Up With Him

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Harry: "Just listen to me!!" Harry shouted throwing his arms in the air staring a you angrily. "I don't care what you have to say!!" You yelled holding up the picture of him and another woman kissing to his face, "I can't believe you! After all we've been through, you do this?" "Just let me explain." Harry begged giving you a serious look. You sighed crossing your arms, "It was an accident." Harry mumbled dropping his to the floor, "I was drunk." You shook your head letting the tears fall out of your eyes, "No. How could you?" "It was an accident." Harry whispered. "Don't give me that bullshit." You growled your sadness slowly turning into anger, "Just admit what you did." "But I-" "ADMIT IT." "Fine," Harry let out a breath, "I wasn't drunk. I knew what I was doing." You nodded your head walking to the door quickly with Harry close behind, "Where are you going?" Harry questioned choking back his tears, "You can't go baby, please I'm sorry." You shook your head opening the door knowing what you had to do, "I'm leaving."

Liam: "Get out of my way." Liam growled walking through the door drunk once again. "No." You argued standing in front of him, "I want to know what's gotten into you." You demanded crossing your arms. "Nothing!" Liam exclaimed rolling his eyes trying to take a step before almost falling to his side, "I'm fine. Just get out of my way." You lightly pushed Liam back, "You're not going anywhere until you talk to me." "What do you want to know?" Liam questioned clenching his fist ready to release his anger, "WHY I'M OUT LATE? WHY I'M GETTING DRUNK?" You took a step back alarmed, "Yes." "BECAUSE!" Liam yelled taking a step closer to you, "I DON'T WANT TO BE WITH YOU! DID YOU EVER THINK THAT?" You looked at Liam before collapsing in tears your body shaking frantically, "No." Liam shook his head realizing what he said placing his arms on your shoulder gently, "I'm sorry." You slapped Liam's arm away staring into Liam's eyes angrily, "I'm done." You stated. "You're what? You're done? You can't leave me! Not like this, I need you!" Liam begged on the verge of his own tears. You shook your head dismissively, "I told you Liam," You whispered a knot forming in your stomach, "I'm done."

Niall: "Please Y/N, don't start with me." Niall murmured scooting over on the couch father away from you. "I didn't do anything Niall leave me alone." Niall shrugged mumbling under his breath, "I have no problem with that. Don't want to talk to you anyway. not sure if I even want to be with you either." You gasped replaying the words you just heard in your head, "You don't want to be with me anymore?" You whispered in a shaky voice. "All we do is fight anyway." Niall shrugged his shoulders. "Do you not hear yourself? So what if we fight? All coupled fight doesn't mean they should break up!" "Do they fight every single freaking day?" Niall spat out running his fingers through his hair. You bit your lip choking back your tears, "Maybe they do." Niall rubbed his eyes tiredly not knowing what to say. "Can't we talk about it before making such a huge decision?" "Fine, lets talk." Niall mumbled sitting up. "What's gotten into you?" You questioned in a low voice. "Here we go again!" Niall exclaimed throwing his arms in the air. "What?" You demanded furrowing your eyebrows. "You blame everything on me and I'm sick of it! Take some responsibility for your actions!" "My actions? How about your actions Niall?" You spat out. "I'm not the one looking to start a fight every chance I get! I'm done with the fighting. When are you going to stop?" You gulped as tears started to trail down your cheeks feeling your heart shatter. "When are you going to stop breaking my heart Niall?" You whispered wiping away your tears. "I know don't what to do anymore." Niall bit his lip watching you cry. "Maybe your right Niall." You agreed nodding your head knowing it was the right choice. "Right about what?" Niall asked in a soft tone. "Maybe we should break up."

Zayn: "So," Zayn began after several minutes of quietness, "Are we okay?" You stared into Zayn's eyes shaking your head, "I don't know." "Just talk to me." Zayn tried to wipe away your tears as you turned your head away, "There's nothing left to say Zayn, you cheated." Zayn sighed rubbing his eyes, "I know." "I trusted you with all my heart and this is what you do?" "I didn't mean to hurt you." Zayn admitted. "What so you think was going to happen when I found out you cheated? Be all happy and rational about it?" Zayn shook his head bitting his lip harshly. "Just tell me," You requested hesitantly, "When you were with her, did you ever wonder how it would affect me?" Zayn shook his head, "I wasn't thinking about-" "Me." You finished for him in a harsh tone. "Y/N I-" "Don't worry Zayn," You cut him off once more, "I'm fine." "Are you sure?" "Yes." You lied giving him a fake smile, "But, I should leave." You stood up ready to walk out of his life. "You're leaving me?" Zayn whispered in shock. "I don't think we should be together anymore Zayn." You admitted, "I think it's for the best." "But I love you!" Zayn argued. You sighed walking towards the door, "And I loved you."

Louis: "Y/N!" Louis yelled making you stop mid sentence, "Just shut up already!" "Excuse me? This is your fault, and you don't even care!" You threw the newspaper with a picture of you at a club on the cover. "It's not my fault you're a slut!" Louis spat out before realizing what he said, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean it Y/N." "Whatever Louis! You may think I'm the slut but we all know for certain you're the one who just sleeps around!" Louis looked at you with widened eyes. "Oh," Louis nodded his head sarcastically, "So now I'm a cheater?" "And now I'm a slut?" Louis shrugged his shoulders carelessly, "If the shoe fits." Within seconds you slapped Louis across the face leaving him a red mark. "What the fuck was that for?" Louis demanded wincing in slight pain. "I hate you Louis Tomlinson." You stated. "You what?" "Nothing." You murmured trying to take back what you said as Louis moved closer to you, "What did you say?" Louis growled with angry eyes. "I hate you." You spat out tired of all the fighting, "And I don't think we should be together anymore." You admitted. "Good," Louis agreed, "Because I don't want to be with someone who hates me." "You're right Louis." You gave him a weak smile grabbing your keys, "Have a nice life."

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