Chapter 36: Matchmaking Success

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"Zelo isn't getting lunch with us today?" Yongjae asked.

"Nope, he told me he had other plans," Yongguk responded.

"That's already the third time this week that he had other "plans" for lunch." Himchan said skeptically. "What's he doing during this time?"

Yongguk shrugged,"He told me that he was getting lunch with Nayeon."

I choked on my food and started chugging my water to help it go down, "WHAT?? For the past three days, he's been having lunch with Nayeon??"


"Wow this is so exciting. Zelo's working pretty fast, huh? He must really like Nayeon." I clapped my hands.

"Zelo likes Nayeon?" Jongup asked, "Since when?"

"A few days ago I guess. I also think I've noticed some changes in Zelo too since then. He's been so nice lately and he hasn't been rude or sarcastic."

After I left the cafeteria, I spotted Nayeon in the hallway and I eagerly ran up to her, "Nayeon, hey! How was your lunch with Zelo?"

"Oh it was fine." She smiled, "We went to the tables in the school garden."

"Aw so romantic. He must like you, don't you think?"

Nayeon grabbed the straps of her book bag and bit her lip, "Jieun, is it ok if I tell you something?"

"Yeah sure." Nayeon was looking really nervous right now. Usually if she has something juicy to tell me, she can't wait to let it out, but this time, she looked so shy.

" while we were in the garden...Zelo asked me out on a date."

My jaw instantly dropped. Did I hear her right? "Wait Zelo asked you out on a date? The same Zelo that we know or a different one?

Nayeon giggled at my reaction, "It's the same one."

"That's great! You know, I was hoping that you two would end up together. You did say yes right?"

"Yeah, I said yes."

"I'm so happy for you two," I grabbed Nayeon's hands and shook them uncontrollably.


Last night, I told Yongguk that Zelo asked Nayeon out on a date. I still couldn't believe my plan worked, and neither could Yongguk. He never thought Zelo would be the type to ask a girl out. I was really hoping that after her date, Nayeon would call me and tell me all about the details. But I didn't receive any calls or texts from her, so I was just going to ask her about it when I see her in school.

"Hey Nayeon! Sooo how was it last night?" I ran up to Nayeon as soon as I saw her, quite eagerly.

"Last night?" Nayeon tilted her head.

"Yeah! Last night~ Your date with Zelo."

"Oh yeah," Nayeon smiled. "It was nice."

I squinted my eyes at her. Why was she being so secretive? Couldn't she tell that I was dying to know what happened??

"I bet you're dying to know what happened, aren't you?" She took the words right out of my mouth--well my head. I shook my head up and down.

"Well we went to the movies. It's a pretty cliché first date type of thing, but I still thought it was really cute. Hmm let's see what happened...well, he picked me up at my house and when we got to the theater, he paid for everything--another one of those first date cliché type of things. And when the movie was over, he took me home yup. Nothing major really happened, but it was really nice. At the end of the date, he asked me if I would like to go on another one with him sometime, and I said yes."

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