Prologue: Car Accident?

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You, your father and your mother were going home. You came home from school, and your parents decided to pick you up, even though you could take care of yourself. "(Y/n), honey, Dad and I will be going to work once we drop you off. You have your spare keys we gave you, right?" Your mother asked.

You nodded, staring outside the window. The car went on gas. A (Random Colored Car) car was supposed to stop, but he/she thought he/she could beat the red light. And that's how you were in the hospital. Since you were (Age), you could wait by yourself. After a few hours, you were on your phone, watching (Favorite Show) on Netflix.

A nurse came out. "Ms. (L/n), may I speak to you?" She asked. You stood up from your seat, pausing the episode your were on, and put your phone in your pocket. "Yes?" You said, walking to her. "Please, follow me." She said, walking over to the 'Emergency Room.' You didn't have to go to the Emergency a Room, you just had cuts, which they just bandaged.

As you followed, you saw your parents, pale. You gasped, as tears started to dwell in your eyes. "I'm sorry Miss. But... You mother and your father are... Dead...." The doctor spoke. Hot tears brimmed on your cheeks. You choked a sob.

A few minutes, your returned to the waiting room. You then saw black figures go into the 'Janitor's Closet.' You made a confused look, your tears stopping. You wiped them away, and went there.

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