Chapter 4: Being Released

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I'm really sorry about not updating sooner, but I didn't know how I wanted to go with this story, until now... so it is short though sadly. I will try and right more next time.


I woke up, to the sound of beeping, a headache, my stomach growling, and the taste of something red. I looked around and noticed Alicia sitting next to me, and it all flooded in to my brain, almost like a nightmare. I was about to scream, until Alicia put her hands over my mouth.

"You know, we are stillin the hospital." I relaxed a little bit and could feelmy headache growing, until it felt like a migrane, my stomach was growling, and my teeth were hurting.

"Alicia, make it stop!" I whined to her.

When I looked at her, it looked as if reality has set in. She quickly said, "It's your'Blood Thirst'" and ran out of the room, closing the door behind her, leaving me in pain. When she came back I felt soo horible until I smelt something, that smelt so heavenly, it should be a crime. I felt my eyes blur for a minute or two, knowing when I look in the mirror, they'll be a different color. Alicia finally handed over the up, when she heard a scream of pain come from me. I gulped the thick, red, sweet, delicious gooyness down in 2 gulps and my headache was gone, but my stomach and teeth were still hurting.

"Alicia, my stomah and teeth still hurt." I told her, the pain lighting up a little bit. She left again and came back with more. That was gone in 2 gulps also. My teeth stopped hurting, but my stomach kept growling.

"Hun, I think your hungry. You haven't eaten in two days" Alicia told me.

I've gone longer without food, so it shouldn't bother me this bad. Alicia left out th room, to get me some food I guess. She came back with a grilled chese sandwhich, tomato soup, pineapples, and a Sprite. Just looking at it made my mouth water...

"Are you going to keep drooling over it, or eat it?" Alicia asked

"Yes, please" I didn't think I culd eat all of it, but I didn't surprise myself when I did. Alicia left the room and came bac with sad look on her face. "What's wrong Alicia?" she looked at me

"Sadly, it's time for you to be released."

"Oh..." was all I could muster up to say.

I didn't want to exactly want to deal with the she-devil right now. I got a headache just thinking about her. I guess Alicia can pick up on feelings, because she lef and came back with some medicinefor me to take.

"Look, I know I wont be there to protect you, but I know you will be back soon. So, whenever you need me, just sing this;

"I'll reach out my hand to you,

Just call my name and I'll be there.

I'll be there to comfort you,

Build my world of Dreams around you.

I'll be there with a love that's strong,

I'll be your stength,

I'll keep holdin on.

Just call my name and I'll be there"

My mom used to sing this to me" Alicia said "Now, don't forget. Sing this, when you need my help and I will be there" I nodded my head "Now, come on Loonette!" she said using my old nickname.

I got it from when I came in on Halloween from one of 'mothers' brutal beatings and I was dressed up as Loonette from 'The Big Comfy Couch'. Still love that show. Alicia hepled me get home and to the bed, but before she left, she said something really weird.

"I camoflauged your medicine and a couple of extra bottles of Blood for you, but you have to say, 'Penulam, Revelamini' and to camoflauge it back, you have to say 'Occulta, Pallium'. The bag is in the back at the bottom of yur closet. If you forget, sing the song and I'll come help." she froze "Your mom's home, I have to go. Bye, Love you!"

"Love you too, Bye!" I said and suddenly my mom stormed into my room.

"Who the hell are you saying 'Love you too!' to? No one love's you, your ungrateful, pathetic child!" she screamed at me. From that moment forward I knew I had lost hope.

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