Chapter 4

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Andi's Outfit👆🏼

Andi's POV

I woke up a little early because I felt like being productive and decided I would play the guitar this morning. I played and sang Can't Blame a Girl for Trying by Sabrina Carpenter. After that I got dressed and ate some breakfast. After breakfast I braided my hair and then brushed my teeth. I also packed my backpack and then texted Jace.

A- hey do you want to walk to school with me?

J- sure I'll be out front in a minute

Sure enough I saw Jace in his classic flannel, jeans and vans. "Well you look nice today," Jace said. "You look handsome," I said putting my hands on his shoulders. "Thank you. Shall we?" Jace asked while gesturing his hands in the direction of school. We started walking and right in front of school I stopped him. "I really need to tell you something." "You can tell me anything." "Ok, if I don't end up going to homecoming with you... Will our friendship end?" "No, of course not! Whoever you choose is ok because it's only homecoming." "Good!" I hugged him and then intertwined our hands as we walked into school. "Hey Eve!" Jace and I both said. "Ooh, I see someone got together this summer!" "What! Oh it's nothing like that" we said as our hands pulled apart. "Ok, we'll see you in class!" "Bye. Hey Jace why isn't Lang with her? They are usually stuck together?" "Oh, they broke up this summer because apparently Lang locked her in a closet and wouldn't let her out!" "Oh!" Jace and I went to our lockers and then as I closed it he came up to me. "Hey Andi!" "Oh, hey Mav!!" "So have you thought about what I told you?" "I have and I think I might choose Jace." "Why?" "Because I don't want to confuse our friendship and I love him, dearly!" "Ok then. See you around." "Wait, will be still be friends?" "Of course!" "Later gator!" "Bye Andi Handy!"
After that awkward conversation with Maverick I decided to find Jace and go to class. I snuck up behind him and saw him talking to Callie. "Oh, hey Callie, I see you've met Jace?" "Yeah, he's really sweet!" "Ah, thanks your sweet too!" Jace said. I was getting annoyed, "ok, come on Jace let's get to class!" "Ok, later Callie!" "Bye Jace!" "What was that all about Andi?" Jace asked. "Nothing I just really want to get to class!" "Ok... Are you going to the football game tomorrow?" "Yeah! Do you want to maybe go together?" "I'd love that!!" "Great! I'll go to your house around 6:00 and then we can walk to school!" "Sounds great!" We walked to class hand in hand and when we got to music class something weird happened. As we walk in everyone stared at me and then the music teacher hands me a guitar. I look at Jace confused and then the teacher asks me to play a song. I got the chills and knew I could never play in front of a crowd! But I had to. I played that one song earlier so I just played that again.

Here I am again
The same old situation
Why does the guy thing
Have to be so complicated
Should have played it cool
Instead I made a fool
Oh the things I do
Cause I'm young
And I'm dumb
I do stupid things
When it comes to love
And even when I always end up crying
Well you can't blame a girl for trying.

Everyone clapped and Jace gave me the WOW face. I smiled and then sat back down and tried to enjoy the rest of the day.

After School

"I can't believe I sang in class I front of a crowd!!" I told Jace. "Yeah, but you were amazing!" He told me. "Wait did you know I was going to sing?" "Yeah, I even told the teacher to make sure you sang!" "Oh my gosh! You tricked me!!" I playfully punched him in the arm. "Let's just head home." He said. We held hands and walked to my house because we wanted to watch a movie. We watched High School Musical 3 and during the duet with Troy and Gabriela, Jace and I both sang their parts. We had a blast! It was getting late so Jace went home and I thought about another day of school tomorrow!! It stands for Seven Crap Hours Of Our Lives! I go downstairs and my mom already had dinner made. After I ate I went upstairs, took a shower, brushed my hair and teeth and then went to bed. I was so tired so I completely passed out thinking of school and how I should ask him to homecoming. I have to make it sweet and memorable. Can't wait for tomorrow!

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