Chapter 3

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Andi's Room👆🏼

Jace's POV

About half way into our movie I felt Andi lay her head on my shoulders I put my arm around her and said, "I really like you Andi." "I also like you Jace but I'm concerned it will mix with friendships because yesterday Maverick told me he liked me." "Oh..." "I'm so sorry Jace! I didn't say anything to Maverick though because I thought I liked you a little more." "Well I really like you Andi and until you make up your mind, I won't stop thinking about you." I started to lean in and she did to until our lips met. We held the kiss for about 5 seconds until she pulled away and bit her lip. "I like you Jace. I really like you!" I felt proud and happy because I knew Andi was the one for me.
After the movie I slept over at Andi's after I told Xander. He was out with Ellyn anyway and wanted nothing to do with me. I accepted that and I just went home to grab some stuff. After I got back to Andi's place she already had on pajamas and was ready for bed. We snuggled up and I went to sleep dreaming how awesome Andi is and how I really like her.

Andi's POV

I can't believe I kissed Jace today!! I really like him but I also might like Maverick? All I know is I have to go with one of them to homecoming. I just don't know who? The first day of school is on Monday and the asks to homecoming are on that Friday! I have to make a big decision and it may break the other's heart. I can't have that pressure. I dreamed about who I should ask because it's a girls ask guys and I think I know the one. Ugh decisions!!

Jace's POV

I woke up early thinking of how amazing last night was. Tomorrow is the first day of school and on Friday I am hoping Andi asks me to homecoming. I low Mav already told her he liked her, I just think after last night she may have a change of heart. I really like her. Andi finally woke up and we had pancakes her mom made before she head off to work. I hugged Andi before I left and when I got home I set up my backpack and my outfit for tomorrow. I am going to wear a red and black flannel with black jeans and my vans. I have a black Jansport backpack and my supplies all together and I can't wait till tomorrow.

Andi's POV

I put in my headphones after Jace left and started listening to Young Blood by Bea Miller. I started getting ready for tomorrow so I put my outfit and vans backpack together. I had everything ready so I head to the kitchen because it was around lunch time. When I got down there I ate some Mac and cheese and then texted Jace.

A- hey so are you ready for school?😏

J- what do you think?😖

A- I feel the same way!!😒

J- hey at least we have all of the same classes?!😄

A- whatever it's still school! I gotta go!

J- bye😘

A- l8r😘✌🏼️

After texting Jace I decided to video chat my friend Callie. I met her at a surf camp and we've been friends ever since. She is so cool! I would call her a hippie and she loves to play the guitar. Sometimes we would play duets where we would both play the guitar and sing or we'd both play when only one of us would sing.

Video Convo

A- hey girly are you excited for school?

C- no! School sucks and I being a sophomore isn't the best!

A- well let's just say I may have a new friend this year?!

C- ooh who'd you meet?

A- let's just say I might have kissed Jace Norman last night!!

C- omg I can't believe that!! Are you two dating?

A- no

C- is it because you still have feelings for Maverick?

A- no!

C- ok well I gotta go Andi

A- ok, see you tomorrow Callie

C- bye

End of Convo

It was getting late so I took a shower ate dinner and brushed my teeth. After that I went back upstairs and passed out on my bed. I can't wait for school! (Sarcasm)

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