Chapter 13

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He was crouched on the ground, as a woman was laid out before him, her large  stomach stretching out the pink dress she had on. She wasn't moving.


He was scared. First his dad had left and now his mother. He didn't want a baby brother. He told his mother over and over but she had insisted that he would love the baby.

His mother had told him he would never be alone after the baby was born. That having children was a good thing. He stared at his mother and the puddle of blood around her.

Sadness washed over him and he began sobbing, a gut-wrenching sound. He was all alone now and there was nothing he could do about it.
Dani awoke with fresh tears running down her face. She looked around the room and took a deep breath. She was grateful she hadn't yelled and woken Jax.

"I wonder whose dream that was," she whispered as she padded over to a chair in the corner that her sketchbook and pencils were laid on. She picked up her supplies and began drawing the images she had just seen.

Hours later, she found herself in a birthing class with Shelly and Bo Tucker.

"Did you want to try this drink I made?" Shelly asked. "It's full of nutrients and vitamins."

Shelly and Bo were both lanky with red hair and green eyes. If Dani hadn't known they were married, she would've thought they were brother and sister. She looked at Jax and then back at Shelly, "No thanks."

Shelly shrugged, "Well I'm so glad you're okay. When Bo and I found you by the lake, we were so scared. Then we saw your fiance and wanted to run for the hills."

Bo smiled at Jax, "You were pretty worried about her so we understand."

"He reminded me of one of a wild animal," Shelly murmured. "Anyway, it's such a good thing that you're okay. A healthy body makes a healthy baby."

"Thank you again for helping me," Dani said.

"You still don't know what happened? Right before I mean?" Bo asked.

Dani shook her head, "No, I don't but apparently I must've been there while orientation was going on."

"It's a shame," Shelly said. "Such useful information is given during orientation. If you want, I can let you copy my notes."

"Notes?" Dani peeked another glance at Jax who didn't find Shelly's offer amusing.

"How long have you two been attending Majestic Waters?" Jax asked.

"On and off for about six months. We both have jobs so we come on the weekends and on vacation days like this week. Stage one is the toughest stage to beat. Dr. Silverman said one couple took two years to get to stage two."

"You must've known our friends Ryan and Callie," Jax said smoothly.

"Yes, it's a shame about Callie. She finally gets pregnant and then- bam! She's dead," Shelly said, shaking her head.

"You knew she passed away?" Jax asked.

Shelly looked stunned and then sputtered something incoherent. our patted her shoulder, "We talked to Ryan a few days ago. He was devastated."

"I hope we can become good friends too," Shelly said, reaching over to Dani's hands. "When I found you, I was going to give you CPR but Bo stopped me. In stead he carried you to Dr. Silverman and I just knew that we'd be life long friends. How exciting would it be if we got pregnant at the same time? Oh and if you have a girl and I have a boy? They could get married!"

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