thirty - louis

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[warning: blood??? i guess this whole book is disturbing i think i'm going to put the warning in the description anyway enjoy :D]

thirty – louis

                  When Louis opened his eyes again, he was in a bar he did not remember he ever entered. His head was throbbing and pounding as if someone had been punching him relentlessly. Looking around, he noticed that the place was completely empty, except for the workers who were cleaning the counter his head was resting upon.

                 "Where – " a whisper left his lips, staring at the worker who was now looking at him as he wiped the glasses the customers had left behind, "Why – "

                 "You finally woke up?" the worker snarled in an accent, "Fucking drunks, the only thing you're good at is to drain our bottles, but don't fucking sleep on the counter for fuck's sake."

                   Louis was too tired to come up with a good answer or at least to result to violence in order to shut that guy up once and for all. "Am I alone?" he asked quietly.

                  "Well the rest of the fuckers that were around you left an hour ago or so. Said something about butchering a witch – remind me again to never sell expired booze to them."

                  The words echoed as confused, meaningless sounds in Louis' head that was still pounding from the massive intake of alcohol. He pulled out a sum of money from his pockets without looking, punched the money on the counter and got off his seat to leave, immediately feeling dizzy and staggering on his feet.

                  His feet moved without communicating with his still drunk on booze brain, so he did understand where his feet were taking him until he stood right in front of the circus, right in front of the entrance.

                  His mind was instantly flooded with disturbing images of sliced pieces of skin, mimed bodies and carved insults dripping blood and saliva. A pair of jade, emerald eyes piercing right through his soul, pink plump lips mouthing out cries and pleads for help, salvation, for love. Two bloodstained hands emerging from a bottomless lake of darkness, itching to grab him by his heart and pull him. Louis was not showing much resistance to that possibility.

                 However a part of him that still remained sane and was not yet corrupted by Louis' true nature still felt the need to run away and keep himself safe from the monster that was Harry and the indescribable need to be close to that monster.

                  Louis instantly decided to quickly enter the circus, pack his belongings and leave without a single word. He wouldn't tell anyone, nor even let Liam know that he was running away – his heart pounded as he remembered Harry's vulgar words and stomach-twisting crimes that brought back memories of his parents' slaughtering. In Harry's eyes, he kept seeing the blood that poured out of his mother's mouth and how his father torso and chest revealed his insides.

                "Oh my love," Louis cried to himself, tears blotching his cheeks. It was incomprehensible, this need to protect something so dear to his heart yet something that caused him so much pain.

                 He entered the circus silently, although he could hear cheers and applauds from the main stage, so the show must have begun. There were quite a few people searching for him in the corridors, and he almost bumped into some of them, but he knew he had to be discreet, or he would never be able to leave this place without getting his heart broken.

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