A Wattpad How-To

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Hello! Welcome to Wattpad, if you are reading this, you are probably new to Wattpad and need answers to the questions you have! If this is you, you have certainly come to the right place! Vote       <------ By clicking the button the arrow is pointing to, which is the Vote button, you will help me get higher ratings for this book and others will be able to find it easily. In this How-To guide, I will give you simple and easy-to-follow instructions on how to survive the world of Wattpad.

My name is rocngrl3 and I am here to serve you up some answers, and help out all the new comers of Wattpad! If you ever have any questions, you can be sure to send me a private message, or you can just simply post a comment below. If you don't know how to do either of those thing, you will once you finish reeading this! 

I wish you happy reading and lots of learning.  May your experience on Wattpad be a pleasant and enjoyable one!

*About Me*

As you already know, my name is rocngrl3.  I am a fifteen year old girl, and I love to help people who have questions, as most of you probably do.  I've always enjoyed writing, ever since I wrote a short book in the 1st grade.  Now I'm headed into the 10th grade(wow! It's so hard to believe that!) and I'm loving writing more than ever!   

I try to get on Wattpad everyday and update my story and reply to comments, and I normally manage that.  That's probably because it's the summer and I'm hardly busy at all.  That will probably change once school starts again.  

You can normally find me at the library or hanging out with my friends at the movie theater, or you could find me snuggled up in my bed reading a good romance novel.  Then the other times when I'm not doing those things, you can find me on Wattpad!

I really hope this helps you out!  If you ever have any questions, wanna talk, or have some feedback, you can contact me at: rocngrl3@hotmail.com

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