Chapter 2- The Dare!

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Tori's POV:


As soon as I saw her my face lite up with joy. I mean.... you know ugh, I'm just glad I don't have some kind of weirdo as a room-mate and I at least I have someone I know.

"Vega? Please tell me your not my room mate." Jade said with disappointment in her voice. "fraid so." I said as she walked further in to the room and put the bag she was carring on her bed. "So Jade I guess we're room mates now." I said with maybe a bit too much enthusiam in my voice.

"Sadly yes, look Vega this doesn't change anything between us, just because we are room-mates doesn't mean I'm going to be your friend, got it?" Jade said with a tone of annoyance in her voice. "Got it, not friends." I said as she had a look around our dorm.


After about an hour of unpacking our stuff I got a text from Andre. "Hey Tor, wanna meet Beck, Robbie and I for some coffee? :)" I looked up at Jade as she was putting some dead,framed butterflies on shelf. She looks so cute examining her butterflies... Ugh Tori she has a boyfriend.

"Umm... Jade?" I said as she was placing some books on a shelf. "What Vega?" she replied softly, turning round to look at me. "Umm... Andre wants to know if we want to join Beck, him and Robbie for some coffee?" I asked, well Andre did't say anything about inviting Jade but I thought it was unfair to not invite her. "Yeah I could use some coffee, it's been what 45 minutes since my last cup, so yeah." Jade said it with just kindness compared to her normal tone towards me. Not that I'm complaining but it was a bit of a shock. "Yeah your on, I invited Jade if that was ok? :{)" I texted back Andre.

"Yeah no worries, I take it you saw her then :)" My phone buzz when I realised I was staring at Jade as she lay on her bed. "Yeah, she is my room mate actually, I'll meet you in about 5 minutes. :{)" I sat there for a moment when Jade spoke, "Vega what the fuck are you staring at?" oh shit was I staring at her again? Fuck and she caught me this time, shit! "I.. ummm... nothing!", well that sound really bad. "Ok then, should we invite Cat with us ?" Jade said in a suspicious tone. "Yeah, I'll text her."

"Hey Cat, Jade and I were wondering if you wanted to go get some coffee with Andre, Beck and Robbie?"

"Oh Hey Tori, I take it your Jade's room mate! Sorry but Robbie said he'd take me on an ice-cream date to Freezy-Queen! :P"

"Yeah I'm Jade's room mate... wait I though Robbie was getting coffee with us?"

" OOO lucky you, dunno all I know is I'm getting some ice-cream."

"Ok then have fun on your date! :{)"

"Nope Cat's not coming, apparently she has a date with Robbie." I said as Jade and I were grabbing our jackets and purses. "Ok then, lets go I need ma caffeine." Jade said playfully as we walked out the door.


After coffee with Andre, Beck and Jade we all went back to Jade and I's dorm. It was about six thirty and Andre suggested that we order a pizza. So once it arrived Jade said, "Right so how about we play a wee game of truth or dare?" Andre and Beck nodded while I wasn't sure about it. " Oh come on Vega man up it'll be fun." "Fine" I said not wanting to look like a wimp. "Right do we want normal or dirty?" Jade asked with a smirk on her lip.

Andre and Beck were all up for the dirty so I just went for it. "Andre truth or dare?" Jade said as we began. "Ummm truth." Jade pressed truth on the app on her pearphone. "Ok Andre when did you lose your virginity and to who?" after an moment or two of Andre thinking he said, " When I was 17 to a girl called Amy." And quickly Jade turned Beck, " Babe truth or dare?" "Dare" Jade pressed the button on her phone and said, "Give a Hickey to the player on your left." My eyes quickly widen. What? Did I hear that right? Was Beck going to give me a Hickey? FUCK.

"Tori?" Beck said, gesturing for me to come closer and so I did. Beck started sucking on my neck for a good two minutes until Jade coughed and he stopped. "Vega truth or dare?" not wanting to do anything bad I just went with truth, "Truth" "Ok Vega, have you ever had anal sex?" Wow, wow , wow.What sort of question is that, I think the dare wouldn't have been near as bad. "Come Vega answer the qustion" Jade said with a smirk on her face. "Ummm no that's gross...." I said and it is. " Ok Jade Truth or Dare?" Beck asked her after an awkward silence. "Dare" Jade said after thinking about it for a moment. "Oh. Holy shit, that's HOT!" Beck said as he read the phone. "Well what is it Beck?" Andre said out of curiosity.

"Jade your dare is to full on French kiss the player to your right!".....

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