Chapter 12

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"Doctor Meredith Silverman must not be taking her pregnancy well," Dani whispered to Jax as they sat in the mess hall of Majestic Waters.

"Why do you say that?" Jax asked, examining the quail eggs on his plate.

"Didn't you hear her? She looks like an angel with all that blonde hair but all she could talk about was the pain of childbirth. If she and her husband want more clients here at Majestic Waters, they should skip that information."

"What does that have to do with her hormones? She was just preparing you for what you should expect," Jax said as he popped one of the light brown eggs in his mouth. "Not bad."

Dani stared at Jax silently before whispering, "Did you forget? We're not really here to get pregnant." She took a bite of her salad.

"Don't kid yourself Panda Eyes. You know you want some Jax babies running around."

Dani coughed on her food, accidentally spitting some of it on Jax.

"Do you mind if we sit with you two?" a male voice asked.

Dani looked up into one of the most handsome faces she had ever seen. He had dark hair, pale blue eyes, and a chin that Adonis would've been jealous of.

"Go ahead, have a seat," Jax gestured at the empty seats across from him and Dani.

"Thanks," he smiled. "I'm Simon by the way. This is my wife Molly."

Dani stared at them, her eyes wide.

"I'm Jax. This is my fiancee Dani."

"Nice to meet you both," Molly said, her tone sounding quite the opposite. "You two must be new here."

"That's right," Jax nodded. "My Dani really wanted to come here so how could I say no?"

Simon tried hiding his laugh with a cough.

"So how long have you two been attending Majestic Waters?" Jax asked.

"Over three months," Molly answered. "We're still on stage one of the process."

"I heard each couple works at their own pace. We had some friends that recommended this place to us. Maybe you know them? Ryan and Callie Sommerby?"

"Sommerby?" Molly repeated.

"You remember," Simon nudged her. "Callie and Ryan. They got pregnant pretty quick. She was the hippie girl."
Molly cleared her throat, "That's right. They're a classic case of opposites attracting."

"Just like us," Simon joked, causing Molly to frown.

"They are opposites but they seem to get along fine with everyone," Jax said.

"That's true," Molly said. "I think they were really good friends with Bo and Shelly. Now that's a couple you want to stay clear of. Total nut jobs that are beyond desperate for a child."

"They're not that bad. As for the Sommerbys, I remember them fighting a few times while they were here. Then there was that incident of her getting escorted out of the camp," Simon said. "She was screaming her head off about the camp and calling the cops. Turns out she just wanted her money back."

"Well, we all know that we had to sign a contract. No guarantees and no refunds," Molly reminded him.

"She sure was something. It was the sexiest I'd ever seen her," Simon smiled. When everyone stared at him, he gave a weak smile, "Not as sexy as my wife but still...she was feisty that day."

Molly tapped her nails against the table before slowly looking at Dani and then Jax. "I have to admit, you're one of the most confident men I've met."

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