''i'll get it" Selena said and walked out of the room.

"so you and Selena made up" Sue asked but more less stated

"yeah , i was rude to her and i shouldn't of been" I said picking pieces of bacon out that where done. We got put into an awkward silence.

''im going to go check on Selena" i said and walked out of the room. i seen a white boy standing at the door. He had short blonde hair with blue eye , he wasn't ugly but wasn't cute either. He was leaned against the door frame and Selena stood there with her arms crossed.

"sorry i have a boyfriend why don't you run along and play with your Barbie dolls or something" Selena snapped i giggled and walked up to her.

"but i rather play with you" He smirked

"listen i already told you Seth's out right now and i have a boyfriend so if you would give me your number for Seth and leave that's would be great" Selena said and the boy looked at me and Selena stood up taller like she had to protect me. I guess that's just her instinct though to protect humans.

"hey baby" he said to me

"go now , she has a boyfriend too" Selena said with a growl and he looked at her funny and then smirked

"no reason to be jealous" He smirked and then Jacob came Jogging up and stood behind what's his face but he didn't notice him.

"Hey baby" Selena said cheerfully looking at Jacob.

"i knew you would come around" the guy smirk.

"hey sexy" Jacob said pushing past the boy and wrapped his arm around Selena.

"Can i help you" Jacob asked with an eyebrow raised

"give this to Seth" the boy said handing him a piece of paper and hurried off. Me and Selena laughed

"did you see his face" i said laughing as Selena shook her head yes.

"i smell Bacon" Jacob said and we walked in the kitchen and finished cooking and made our plates. We all sat down and began to eat.

"so what are we doing today" Selena asked looking around.

"well you have plans to go shopping with Alice remember" Jacob said with a smile

"oh yeah Bells you want to come" She asked me

"nah i don't do the shopping thing" i said and Selena looked surprised but didn't pry.


Bella's still here , its weird to have her here with my Selena. I don't trust her but Selena seems to so im not going to say anything because i want Selena to be happy. Selena seem to zone out i put my finger over my mouth to tell Bella to be quiet. She listened and didn't say anything. I snuck out of my seat and grabbed a ice cube , i snuck up behind Selena and put it down her shirt in the back. She jumped up trying to get it out as me and Bella laughed.

"Fuck Jacob if i wanted to play this game i would have when to Sams" She said trying to get it out. Bella helped her and We put out plates in the sink. Selena was still mumbling under her breath.

"chill out babe" i said with a laugh and she flipped me off.

"im going to go change Bella do you need something to wear" She asked and Bella shook her head yes. They disappeared upstairs and i plopped down in the couch. I can only image Bella in Selena's cloths. I chuckled at the image in my head , Bella is so boring with the way she dresses and Selena you never know what to expect.

"Jake" Leah said sitting down next to me. Weird she never talks to me.

"whats up" i asked looking at her and she actually smiled. I never knew Leah could smile , she actually looked better with a smile.

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