My alarm starts playing my iPod music. I sing along as I shower.

"This ain't my mamas broken heart!" I belt out as I dress and brush my teeth. I straighten my hair and smooth out my dark purple long sleeved button collar shirt and dark denim jeans. I slip on my Georgia Boots and Real Tree camoflauge jacket and grab my new black and orange bookbag stocked with notebooks, ordered textbooks, writing and colouring utinsels, paper, folders, and binders. I take the stairs two at a time after plugging my iPod up to my headphones and sliding it into my pocket. My dad hands me a plate of pancakes.

"Dad you cooked!" I exclaim, pouring syrup on the pancakes.

"Yeah. Good luck at school. I gotta get to work. I have the early shift today so I can go through what my job actually is. I love you." He kisses my cheek and picks up his bag of lunch and other tools.

"Love you too. Bye. Good luck. Thanks for breakfast." I say.

"Your welcome." He calls and rushes out the door. I finish my breakfast and fix a pot of coffee. I pour some in a cup and drink it black. I wash the dirty dishes to waste time. I kind of got up early. I don't have to leave for anoter ten minutes. I hear a horn honk and I walk into the porch. A dark blue truck sits in my driveway. John Luke hops out.

"Ready for school?" He calls. I laugh.

"Your driving me?" I ask.

"If you want." He shrugs. I smile and pull my bookbag onto my shoulder. I lock the door and drop the key into my jeans pocket. My boots clump as I walk across the grassy mud up to the truck. I slide in the front middle seat. JL is in the driver seat, Cole is in the passengers side by me, and Sadie, Reed, and Daisy in the back seat.

"Ready for your first day at my amazing school?" John Luke asks me as he drives.

"Don't put her hopes up. Our school isn't that great," Sadie shakes her head. I laugh at them.

"It'll be great because I am there," John Luke inquires. I laugh more.

"I'm sure it will," I say.

"Hey, don't doubt your man," Cole retorts.

"Whoa, hold up....My man?" I ask. everyone laughs.

"Its going to happen. Everyone knows. But yall are just going sloooowwwww," Cole drags out the last word for emphasis.

"Yeah well," I wave my hand in the air. I turn the volume dial up and we all sing along to "Drink in my hand" by Eric Church. "All I wanna do is put a drink in my hand. Fill it up! Ill throw it down!"

We arrive in the parking lot and I begin to get nervous. What are the other kids like here? John Luke reassuringly takes my hand for a moment, rubbing circles with his thumb. We smile at each other before he lets go of my hand and we jump out of the truck. Kids look at me in confusion. One girl walks up to me. She has on a pink dress and white sandals. Her hair is pulled into a messy bun.

"Hi. I'm Katherine. " I shak her hand.

"Hey I'm uh Im Kay Anne," I reply with a small smile and a nod.

"Nice to meet ya. Are you new?"

"Yeah I just moved here."

"And your already friends with the Robertsons. Lucky you. It took me three years just to say hey to Sadie. Now we are good friends." She shrugs as we walk. John Luke stays on the other side of me and sends me a friendly smile. I click my tongue as a nervous habit and turn back to Katherine. She helps me recieve my schedule and everything from the office.

"i have three classes with you. Oh and lunch." Katherine tells me, looking at the paper in my hand. I nod and walk to John Luke.