Chapter 18: Forgive Me

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*Seth's POV*

  I was going for it. No matter how much she didn't want me there I was going to try my hardest to get her back, I would do anything. And if Jake was right, then my undenying love with her will over power and she will be in my arms once again.

   I quickly phase back as I approach the woods behind her house. I pull my last article of clothing on and then I walk towards her front door. Maybe she hated me so much that she would call the cops. I was starting to regret this plan. But I didn't regret falling in love with her, and that's the reason as to why I'm here.

   I hesitantly reach out for the door bell. Oh god how much I wished for her to be home. The last time I saw her was yesterday. It was the typical Saturday. But she was with Marie and Lily. They were suppose to leave in 3 days so I understood that she wanted to spend as much of her time with them before they left. She was enjoying herself. She was even laughing with Marie, so I was sure they had already made up. From what Ella told me she had been best friends with them since forever. So she couldn't hate Marie for long. Only if that was so easy with me and her then I'd be in the clear,

   I was brought from my thoughts when the door opens. The person who answers steps back and looks me up and down and crosses their arms across their chest.

  "Hello Seth. I was wondering when you would show up. I warned you not to hurt my daughter." Her dad began.

  "Yes i know. I just wanted to apologize to her for my mistake. I am so deeply sorry." I was starting to sound desperate.

 "Okay boy. Don't tell me that. Tell her that. The girls went over to the beach. Maybe you can find her there and talk to her.  But it's going to be hard to talk alone since Marie and Lily are there. Those girls have been inseparable." I nod and started to turn around. "I really like you kid. So be nice and go win her back."

  I turn back and notice the smirk on his face. So atleast he forgave me. Let's hope Ella was that easy. I  run down the street untill I was sure her father couldn't see me anymore and I quickly ran into the woods and phased quickly. I ran in the direction of my destination. The beach.


 When I came to the edge of the woods leading to the beach i phased back and put my clothes on. I could sense that she was here. Or at least Marie was, because of the imprinting I could sense whenever she was near. Ella, here i come.

   I step out into the beach, feeling the rough sand undermy feet. I turn right, nothing, besides other people out for a nice family day. I turn left and i find what I came for. She was with the other girls, they were just lounging around and having a little picnic kit seems. I made my wave over to them and lily clears her throat.

   "Um, El?" She motions her hand in my direction.

   "What Lil?" She turns around to see that I was right behind her. "Oh." Was all she said the small that was plastered on her face a few seconds ago was gone in an instant. "What do you want Seth?" 

  "I wanted to talk." Was all i could say, or else i would break down. i kept my eyes trained on her face, beating that urge to turn to Marie. One quick glimpse would ruin everything.

  "Are you sure that's what you want? Well okay then. Let's go over there maybe?" She points to a place over by the waters edge.

   "No. this is just fine." She sits again and shrugs.

    "Okay go on." She turns back to her friends and I take a seat next to her, facing her. She looks at me from the corner of her eye quickly.

     "Okay where so I start? Well here we go. I'm here to ask for forgiveness. I know that that might not happen but I just want to explain how sorry I am for what I did." From the corner of my eye I could see Maire squirm in her seat a little. Aw she was the cutest. Stop it! I came for Ella and that's what I'm going to get. " I know I didn't treat you right when I kissed Marie. I didn't mean for it to happen. I'm not asking us to go back as it was before, us being friends and together. But I want us to be...getting along I guess you could say. Okay this is coming out all wrong. What I'm trying to say is that Ella, I love you." I watched and waited for her to respond.

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