Chapter 1

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Thank you for using our service. The next train is the last train of the day.

On the train station to get back home, Yoongi was on his IPhone setting it to play some music he could be energized about. The school seriously had stressed the importance of practicing technique and skill. "Some of you are here because you just want to do art. Others are here because you want to actually pursue art", was what the principle had said. It was obvious which side of the bed he was on. Though already a successful musician, he planed on working hard this semester.

"So tired... I should probably eat out tonight too..."

Stepping through the automatic doors of the train, he noted the emptiness of the cart. It was a bit dirty here and there, and the windows could use a cleaning, but Yoongi was too tired to care. As the train began closing the doors, he saw someone slip right inside and take a seat; the beginner student with the strong perfume.

"Oh, it's her", he thought to himself with a sigh.

The new student seemed even more tired than Yoongi was. Her clothes were disheveled and her book bag was open. Even more so, she had started to sleep on the train. Yoongi shook his head in pity and walked closer to her. She seemed to be the clumsy type.

"This is your first year, right?" The BTS member looked lowly on her without much of a smile.

______ raised her head and flurried her eyes. When she realized who was talking to her, she panicked for a second. It must be embarrassing to be caught sleeping in such a place, right? Especially from Suga of Bangtan. First she was caught staring, and now she was caught sleeping. What possibly could be next?

We have seen a large number of items end up in the Lost and Found today. Please make sure you have all your belongings with you when you get off the train. We will make a brief stop at Busan soon. The doors on the right will open... ... BUSAN... ... BUSAN...

"Ah, that's my stop", ______ jumped as she quickly started to motion towards the opening doors.

Without much of an apology, ______ had excused herself and left the scene. Yoongi frowned, noticing that the new student had left her music notebook right next to the place she had been sleeping. He grabbed it and rushed over to her. "Hey, your book!"

______ still seemed to be in a daze and only looked back with a confused stare.


As Yoongi got off the train to hand it to her, the automatic doors closed behind him. It happened all so quickly that even perceptive Suga had to think about what had just happened. He cursed, tossing the sketchbook to ______ with a glare.

"I'm s-sorry! Did you mean to get off?"

"What do you think", he hissed.

______ knew of BTS and have heard of the members before. A few of their songs were on her phone, but she never expected to come face to face with any of them. She was a fan of their work, especially the rapper line's producing ability. ______ could feel her chest tighten at how stupid she probably looked in front of an idol.

Leaving the station ______ decided to let Yoongi stay the night at her place. Their sizes were relatively similar so lending him something to sleep and wear tomorrow wouldn't be a problem; even if it were a baggy T-shirt and basketball shorts. However, there was a problem for Yoongi. The last thing he wanted was to spend the night with a girl he didn't even like. If anyone caught him, then he'd have some major questioning from Big Hit and ARMY.

"I bet her house's a pig's den..."

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