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Kazuha wiped her perspective with her sleeve and dragged a ridiculously huge bad of trash towards the rubbish dump at the remote corner in school.

"Hey there!" A hand clapped her shoulder suddenly, causing her to almost lose her balance.

She swiveled around to see that the hand belonged to a tall figure. A figure she absolutely abhorred.

"Quit pestering me, you idiot!" Kazuha tried to shrug his hands off as she had to use both hands to drag the trash behind her.

Heiji grinned and stood in front of her, stopping her in her tracks. He then snaked his left arm by her side and pried her fingers off the garbage bag, pretending not to notice her fierce scowl. His right hand circled around the other side of her to grab the trash from her before walking off with it.

For a moment, Kazuha was baffled by his move. When she noticed that he needed to use one hand to get the trash to move, she got pissed, however unreasonably.

"It's my trash!" Kazuha chased after him.

He did not slow down. It was as if the trash did not produce any friction with the ground when he was the one doing the dragging. "You may want to lower your volume. People are looking over here because of your voice."

"I don't care. Give it back to me, damn it!"

"No." Heiji began running with the trash.

Kazuha caught up with him and lifted her leg to kick him. She only managed to kick air-hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, etc.

"I don't want you help, Hattori!" Kazuha continued to run after him, attempting to kick him every time she got near, but no avail. If she did not keep stopping to hit him, she could have caught him easily, considering that he had to carry a heavy bundle.

It was hilarious situation to all those around them. Why would any two normal, sensible people fight over a trash bag as though it was their most treasured item?

"I'm throwing it!" Heiji turned to give her a bright smile before flinging the trash bag into rubbish dump.

"Oh my god... Hattori-kun is charming even when he throwing a bag into rubbish dump." Another group of girls on duty exclaimed, their eyes not leaving Heij's smile.

"Oh, shut up. What's so damn charming about disposing a heap of rubbish?" Kazuha could not believe her ears. The girls could get really ridiculous sometimes.

Heiji cocked his eyebrows, amusement clearly written on his face. "You shouldn't blame them for speaking the truth, you know."

"Go to hell, Hattori." Kazuha took deep, deep breathes, trying to calm herself down. She did not like to be in the spotlight. As everyone's attention started focusing on her, she told herself to pay no heed to Hattori's laughing eyes and walk off without causing a bigger scene.

But it seemed that her fury towards Hattori overrode her disinclination for the public attention.

Kazuha shoved Heiji with all her might, trying to knock him off. When it failed to make Heiji lose his balance, she formed right fists with her hands and aimed it at various parts in his body, mainly his chest, where she could reach more conveniently. After a few punches, it was Kazuha's knuckles that felt sore-not his chest.

She raised her eyes, only to see him with an expression that said you-can't-hurt-me. It made her livid. Due to the certain dominant gene that coded for stubbornness in her DNA sequence, Kazuha simply had to prove that she could hurt him or die trying.

She proceed to let his groin area experience an excruciating amount of pain with her knees. But Heiji was faster. His arm encircled her waist and hauled her to him before she could bend her knees m. Her fists was caught between them, immobile, while the other was cuffed at her back by his hand.

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