Fairytale: Italics

Storybrooke: Normal

It had been several weeks since Cass had seen Will and she was getting more and more worried than ever. What if he went back on his agreement?  How was she to know if she could really trust him? Cass spent most of her time either shut up in the library or strolling around the gardens. One day while she sat arranging some of the flowers outside, one of the guards came up behind her, "The queen has asked to see you" he announced, Cass spun round at once "Clean yourself up and go to the throne room" he added, Cass didn't argue, she just nodded and hurried into the palace. Once she had washed and given her hair a brush, she hurried on towards the throne room where she found Cora standing by the throne, Cass walked over slowly "You asked to see me?" she said politely, Cora turned and smiled at Cass, "Yes dear" she said kindly "I have meetings today, and thought it would be good for you to sit in on them" she said, Cass did her best not to frown but she was taken aback by this sudden request, "yes...if you like..." she said trying to sound polite but she was very confused, Cora smiled "Wonderful" she said and then went to sit down in the throne, she then indicated to the chair that had been placed beside her, Cass walked over slowly and then perched down on the edge of the seat, still feeling very puzzled. Why on earth had the queen suddenly suggested this.

Hazel went around most of the morning in a complete daze. She couldn't believe what was happening, Mary Margaret had been arrested for Kathryn's murder. It couldn't be true, there's noway she was capable of such a thing. As soon as recess began, Hazel decided to sneak out of school and head over to the Sheriff's station, when she walked in she saw the place was empty apart from Mary Margaret locked up in the cell, Hazel wondered on over "Hey" she said, Mary Margaret looked round, "Hazel? Shouldn't you been in school?" she said to her, "It's recess and I just wanted to come see if you were okay" Hazel answered, just then Emma came into the room, "Hazel?" she said and the girl spun round, "I just came to see Mary Margaret" she said as Emma came up to the cell, Emma nodded and then looked into the cell, "It's not good news...we found a hunting knife in the heating vent in your bedroom" she announced, Hazel frowned curiously, "The heating vent?" Mary Margaret said confused, "Emma, I don't even know where the heating vent in my bedroom is!" "Someone does, and they put a hunting knife in there" Emma answered "I checked for signs of a break in but there weren't any" "You don't believe me..." Mary Margaret said horrified, "Of course she does" Hazel said to her, "But what I think doesn't matter, the evidence is piling up by the hour" Emma said, "Okay, what are you saying?" Mary Margaret asked, "I'm saying you should think about hiring a lawyer" Emma told her, "An excellent idea" came a voice behind them and they all turned to see Mr Gold standing by the door, "Mr Gold...?" Hazel said puzzled "What are you doing here?" Emma asked suspiciously "Offering my legal services" he answered and Hazel frowned slightly, "Your a lawyer?" Emma asked surprised "Ever wondered why am so adept at contracts? I've been following the details of your case Miss Blanchard, and I think you'd be well advised to bring me on as your council" Mr Gold explained "Why is that?" Mary Margaret asked, "Well because the Sheriff had me arrested for nearly beating a man to death and I managed to persuade the judge to drop the charges" he explained, Hazel's frown deepened at this, 'how on earth did he manage that?' "Exerting your influence isn't what's needed here, we need to find the truth" Emma said firmly, "Exerting influence may be exactly what's needed here" Mr Gold said, "What's needed here is for me to do my job!" Emma said firmly again "No one's stopping you! I'm only here to help!" Mr Gold retorted back firmly now, "Enough! Please go..." Mary Margaret said, "You heard her" Emma said to Mr Gold, "No I was talking to you" Mary Margaret told Emma and both she and Hazel turned, confused "Oh Emma...he's right I need help, and you need to do your job or else I'm screwed" Mary Margaret explained, "So just...please...do your job the best you can and you'll prove me innocent" Hazel looked from Emma to Mary Margaret and then glanced back at Mr Gold, "Until you do" Mary Margaret continued "I need some practical help" Mr Gold then came on over to the cell so he was now standing right next to Hazel, "Trust me, this is in Miss Blanchard's best interests" Mr Gold said, Hazel glanced up him and then looked at Emma, "Good luck Mary Margaret" she said softly, "I hope...your best interests are what he's looking out for" she said with a warning look at Mr Gold, "Come on Hazel, I'll take you back to school" she added, Hazel nodded, she smiled slightly at Mary Margaret and then with one final glance at Mr Gold followed Emma out of the Sheriff's station.

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