2. Like father, like son

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Dedicated to Jedi-annabethgrace for such good advises and for making me smile :)

Luke smiled.
"Well, nice to meet you, Hayden Starkiller."
Anakin smirked a smile.
"The pleasure is all mine, Luke Skywalker... can I ask you a personal question?"
"Uh... I guess so...what is it?"
"Who's your mother? You said Anakin Skywalker was your father but you didn't tell me who your mother was" Anakin said.
Luke passed a hand through his blond hair.
"Well... I never knew my mother. I grew up with my uncle Owen and my aunt Beru."
Anakin frowned his eyebrow.
"And how do you know your father, then? He asked. He had to know what was their future.
"My father was killed." Luke admited."He was murdered by Darth Vader"
Anakin tried not to laugh. Who in hell told that to his son?.
"Who told you that?"
"Obi-Wan." Luke said. "He told me that Darth Vader killed Anakin Skywalker"
"Well, I'm sorry for your loss" Anakin replied.
Luke smiled weakly.
"Don't worry. It's okay. At least Obi-Wan told me things about him"
Anakin sighed.
"I bet he did"
Luke stood up.
"Well, I'm part of the Alliance"
"The Separatist Alliance?" Anakin asked.
"No!! That was before the Empire. This is the Rebel Alliance. We fight for the freedom of the galaxy."
Anakin smirked a smile. Luke had sounded just like his mother.
"You fight?" Anakin asked.
"Oh yeah. And I'm also a good pilot."
Like father, like son, Anakin thought.
"Well, if your plans are staying with us, I'll have to present to you all of my friends"
Anakin didn't even think of it.
"Of course I'll stay"
Luke smiled.
"In that case, follow me."
Anakin did as his son told him.
They were walking through the hallway when a man, with brown hair, stopped them.
"Hey, kid!" He smiled to Luke. Luke smiled.
"Hey Han."
Han looked at Anakin.
"Who's this, Luke?"
"This is Hayden Starkiller" Luke said. "He's a Jedi. And part of the Alliance"
Han smirked a smile.
"Nice to meet you, Hayden. I'm Han Solo"
Anakin smiled.
"Nice to meet you, Han"
And then a girl appeared.
"Han, could you tell that stupid hairball of yours that..." she stopped when she saw Anakin.
Anakin blinked twice. That girl looked exacly like Padmé. Identical.
"Hello" he said. "I'm Hayden Starkiller"
She smiled. Yeah, she was just like Padmé.
"Hello, Hayden. I'm Leia"
And then a Wookiee appeared.
"And this is Chewie" Leia said.
And then, Anakin heard a voice that he knew.
"Oh, please, R2, don't be bossy. If I wasn't here, you would be junk by now" the voice came from a golden droid. Then, he saw little R2.
The golden droid looked at all of the people.
"Master Luke, tell R2 that he's too bossy!"
Anakin shook his head, trying not to laugh at 3PO's crybaby phase.
"3-PO" Luke said. He pointed at Anakin "this is Hayden Starkiller. He's with us now"
"But... Master Luke... R2..."
Luke sighed
"All right, I'll have a talk with him when I have time"
The droid didn't say anything for a while.
"Sorry Mr. Starkiller, it's just that R2-D2 and I have a pretty rough relationship right now"
"It's okay" Anakin said with a smile.
Luke observed Anakin.
"Well, I have to go... " Luke said." Hayden, you said you knew Yoda, right?
"Uh... yeah" Anakin said.
"Okay, would you come with me?"
Anakin thought of it. It could be a good idea. He could talk with Yoda about... his time travel.
"Of course, Luke. It'll be my pleasure" he smiled.
Luke smiled.
"Great! Come along. Oh, Han. Take care of Leia, okay?"
Leia laughed.
"Luke, please. You should tell me to take care of this nerfherder. With love, Han" she smiled at Han.
Han smiled and sighed.
Luke turned to Anakin.
"Come on, Hayden. Let's go"
Anakin nodded.


A few hours later father and son reached Dagobah.
"This is were Master Yoda lives. He's in exile" Luke explained.
Anakin nodded.
"Come on" his son said. Anakin followed him.
They finally reached Yoda's home.
Luke entered and Anakin did the same.
"Master Yoda?" Luke asked.
A cough was the first thing they heard.
"Luke, is it?" The old wise Master said.
"Yes, Master Yoda, I'm here to keep training"
The green Master looked at them.
"You brought someone here, I see. A powerful Jedi, he is" Yoda said. He smiled weakly and coughed. "Seen you for 20 years, I haven't" he laughed looking at Anakin "Work in mysterious ways, the Force does, don't you think ..."
"Hayden Starkiller" Anakin answered.
The green Master laughed.
"Good name, young one" he smiled "so you can change, the Force has sent you, forget it you must not. Wisely you must act. Let your anger and pride control you, you must not."
Luke interrumped.
"Master... about my training..."
Yoda looked to his young apprendice.
"Complete, your training is, young Skywalker. Happy going to the forever sleep, I am."
Luke and Anakin frowned their eyebrows.
"Master" Luke said "You... you can't die... it's impossible"
Yoda laughed.
"900 years old, I am. For me to sleep, it is time"
The Jedi Master went to his bed.
"Master... when I fought Darth Vader... he told me that I was his son. That's not true, right? Ben told me that my father was killed by him" Luke told the green Master.
Yoda looked at the Skywalkers with a smile on his face.
"Deceived by the power of the dark side, your father was. Anakin Skywalker did no longer exist. Darth Vader appeared."
Luke passed his real hand through his blond locks. Anakin listened to every word Master Yoda said. "There is another... Skywalker" Yoda whispered.
"Another Skywalker? Leia! Leia is my sister!" Luke realized.
Anakin was paralyzed by that idea. Twins?
When both of the Skywalkers looked up to the old master, he was already dead.
Luke and Anakin came out of Yoda's house.
In that exact moment, Luke heard a voice he knew.
"Ben?" He asked.
Anakin heard it too.
They both saw the Force ghost of Obi-Wan Kenobi.
Anakin opened his mouth.
"Obi-Wan" he whispered.

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