Accidents happen.....?

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"WHAT?!?" I said again.

"We are going on tour with the boys." Nicole said again.

"I HEARD that part!!" I screamed.

"I'm NOT going!" I replied with my head up high.

"Please Lexi?? For mee?" Christian said with that cute little look on his face you just can't say no too.

Justin smirked. He knew I would give in.

"Nope!" I replied popping the P. "I don't like any of you except for maybe Christian."

"Cmonnn! Lex! I can't liveeee withoutt youu!" Chaz said.

Margie hit him upside the head.

"Hey! I ment as a sister!!" Chaz said rubbing his head. "I still love you Margie!" He said again hugging her.

(A/N Margie and Chaz are going out- Ryan and Sophie are going out. We're gonna pretend everyone's hung out a bunch and they're all dating, it's stupid I know but I just couldn't fit it in the story)

"Hey hey hey! Now let's keep it PG!" Ryan said finally speaking.

We all laughed again.

"Pleaseeee Lexi?" They all begged.

I looked around at all of them. They were my new family.

"Fine. I'll go!" I gave in. Ryan, Chaz, Justin, and Christian tackled me in a big hug.

"Hey! Now I gotta breathe!" I called out.

"Right sorry...." they all murrmered.

"Now let's go eat!!" Justin said while calling his manager and telling him.

We all cheered.


We all piled out of Justins white hummer and walked into a restraunt it was a pretty busy mexican restraunt. But hey, Justin was with us and when your with THE Justin Bieber you well, can get in anywhere in the blink of an eye.

We were going out to eat before we were gonna leave for the tour.

Alot of girls were glaring at me so I looked around.

Justin had one of his arms around me and on the other side of me Christian had his arms around me. I moved closer to Christian and farther away from Justin. Hey, I liked Christian better.

We all went and sat down and ordered what we were gonna have.

After a little small talk I finally spoke up. "Don't we need eachothers cell phone numbers?"

They all nodded their heads in agreement.

Justin looked a little unsure about it though.

We all exchanged numbers execpt for Justin.

"Uhm Justin? Can you give us your phone number?" Nicole said.

Justin stood up and said "I have to go uh.... to the bathroom" and walked off quickly.

"What did I do??" Nicole asked.

Chaz, Ryan, and Christian looked at eachother with worried expressions on their face.

Finally Ryan spoke up and said "Well, last time Justin gave his number away to a girl, she sold his number for money."

"But I'm not like that!!!" Nicole said with tears welling in her eyes. (Yes Nicole, is a HUGE overreactor!!)


I couldn't believe Justin didn't trust me!!!

I could feel tears welling up in my eyes so I got up and ran out of the restraunt and when I ran past Justin he tried to say "Nicole where are you going?!?" but I just shoved past him.


I wish Lexi had never brought that up!

I looked at my face in the mirror and convinced myself I could trust Nicole.

I walked out of the bathroom and saw Nicole run past me with tears running down her face.

"Nicole, where are you going??" I tried to say, but she just shoved past me.

I ran back to the table and asked what happened to Nicole.

Lexi glared at me, hard, then got up and left.

Then Christian did!

Now only Ryan, Chaz, Sophie, and Margie remained.

"Well?? What happened??" I asked.

"She thinks you can't trust her." Sophie said then got up and walked away.

Apperently Margie was the only NORMAL girl!!

"Oh shit" I cursed under my breath and ran off to go find her.



Me, Chaz, and Ryan ran down an alley yelling Nicole's name.

"NICOLE!!" I yelled with worry in my voice.

We had been searching for Nicole for 2 hours now and found nothing.

Suddenly I saw a figure sitting and her head in her knees. I automaticlly knew it was Nicole.

"Nicole!" I whispered to the guys and pointing at her.

All the guys nodded and I ran up to Nicole

"Nicole?" I asked.

"Justin?" She asked.

"Im sorry, I was stupid" I pleaded.

"So was I.. I'm just an overreactor." Nicole said with tears in her eyes.

"No no no, please don't cry" I said putting my arms around her.

"Okay, I'll try not to" She said sniffling.

"Come on, let's go find Christian and Lexi." I said kissing her cheek.

We walked till we got to a park and sat down.


"Oh there they are!!" I said to Christian.

We were crossing the street when my phone fell out of my pocket.

I went back to pick it up and the next I remember seeing is Christian screaming and then, darkness.

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