Chapter Two

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There you were, standing in awe at the site of a town, an actual human town. Igneel had told you that there were a lot of structures that were made by the humans and put together to form a town. Since dragons were so big and didn't have a good method of building there were no buildings were you came from. You just sorta slept wherever you wanted but you did have a cave that you always went back to so that was the closest thing you had to a home. You had been traveling on foot for about three weeks since the dragons lived so far away from any humans. The dragons didn't like the humans to know too much about there existence. That's why only a select few dragons got to go out and train dragon slayers, one of them being Igneel. But after three years^ they had to come back and could no longer be with the humans. Only half dragons can venture out of the barriers that surrounded the place where the dragons lived because they can be in human form. To the humans half dragons are just dragon slayers. Although half dragons can go outside the barrier, if they break their seal and change forms in front of the humans there are severe punishments, not that breaking the seal is easy but there are a few that could muster up enough power to do so.

You ran towards the town and slowed down once you got into its streets, taking in all of the people and the business of everything around. You could see little shops around selling all kinds of foods, trinkets, and arts. You were tempted to go and buy some of the things they were selling but unfortunately you had no jewels. Igneel had told you about their currency but the dragons didn't even have a currency, they just got everything themselves. You pouted at the inability to get any of the trinkets but continued on your way down the streets.

You had been walking around for a good two hours when you realized that you didn't even know the name of the town.

"Ah Miss?" you walked up to a blonde. She had a white and blue top, a blue skirt and some sort of whip hanging from her waist.

The blonde looked at you in surprise as she called to. "Who me?" she looked at you and pointed to herself.

"Yes! Do you mind telling me what the name of this town is?" you said with a sincere smile.

"Yeah sure! This town is called Clover Town! The fact that you don't know where you are must mean you're a visitor right?"

"Ah yes, I have been looking at everything for a while but then realized that I didn't even know where I was." you said rubbing the back of your neck. She chuckled and sweat dropped a little before talking again.

"Oh by the way my name is Lucy Heartfilia. I'm not actually from here but me and my friends are here on some business." She said as she reached out her hand towards you. You grabbed her hand and shook it while giving her a warm smile

"The name's (y/n), (y/n)(l/n). Its nice to meet you Lucy. So you said you were here with your friends but where are they?" you asked

"Ah yeah, they are over at the guild here called Blue Pegasus. I was just about to go find them, so I better get going."

"Alright! It was nice meeting you! And thank you!"

"It was nice meeting you to! And no problem! Goodbye!" she yelled as she ran off down the street.

After checking out the rest of the town you decided to move on out of the town so you could build up a camp for you to sleep. You weren't sure why but you could have sworn you smelled something similar to Igneel somewhere in town all day while exploring. Of course that would be impossible since he's not even allowed out of the barrier. You shrugged of the idea and found a nice place in the woods to sleep. Dragons didn't have sleeping bags so you would just sleep on the ground. It didn't ever bother you since you were used to sleeping on hard ground.

After catching a few fish in a nearby stream, you started a fire, cooked the fish and ate it. It wasn't the most filling meal but it was what you had lived off most of the time while you were traveling. After eating you sat down resting your back on a tree and thought about the town and how amazing it was.

*I even met a human today* you smiled at the thought as you crossed your arms and tilted your head back to rest it on the tree. *She sure was nice, I wonder if I'll ever meet her again.* you thought as your eyes drifted closed, sleep overcoming you.

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