Chapter Fifteen: As If The Day Couldn't Get Any Worse

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Kagura's POV

The three of us slumped back in our chairs. Frosch just then hopped out of Rogue's lap and cuddled up in mine. I now realize how large my soft spot is for Frosch. I completely melt when he's around.
I pet his fur gently.
Rogue was giving us a odd look of jealousy, but I shrugged it off. It was honestly quite funny to see him in such state.
After a few more moments, we got up, and I was cradling Frosch in my arms.
We went back into our room. I gave Frosch back to Rogue and I decided to head to the hot springs.

I entered the steaming hot water, and was instantly relaxed.
I could feel all my tense muscles relaxing under the pressure of the water.
Just then, a girl with light blue hair and large brown eyes joined me.
She looked quite innocent... And well... Cute.
She smiled at me, and I nodded.
After a few moments of silence, she began to speak.

"Are you one of Sabertooth's guests? You look familiar. As if I saw you on the train." Her voice was sweet and calm.
"Why yes..." I looked down and saw her insignia. "So you're a member of Sabertooth?" I tried making my voice gentle and quiet, but stuff and emotionless as possible.
She nodded.
We began talking about our guilds and our interests, and shared our names.
"Ah, yes, I'm a celestial spirit wizard." Her smile radiated.
"Isn't that a rare type? Impressive. I'm a-" I wad quickly cut off by a crash of a bamboo wall that seperated the womens bath and the mens bath.
A large portion of the wall had collasped, do a certain blonde haired mage leaning on it too much.
"Sting you idiot!" It was Rogue.
I looked over and Yukino immediately blushed, hiding what she could over her body.
The man known as Sting got up dizzily. He began to walk, the world still spinning for him.
I thought it couldn't get any worse, until Sting fell into the bath that me and the celestial mage, Yukino, were in.
Yukino was the first to react. She kicked Sting out of the bath. Rogue was running to catch him but quickly slipped and fell into the bath.
It couldn't get anymore awkward... Right?
I was wrong... Dead wrong.
Rogue fell into my lap in the bath... And Yukino was long gone.
I froze.
Rogue was dizzy. He began to grab his surroundings.
And of course... He had to grab THERE. (A/N you know what I mean)
"Soft?" He squished it. I was infuriated, but still frozen.
The stars that were seen in his eyes vanished. And he turned a red that matched the colour of his eyes.
He immediately got out of the bath and grabbed Sting and dragged him back into the mens bath.

I was stunned at what just happened. I've never been anymore dumbfounded.
I slumped back in the bath, taking in everything that had just happened.

A few hours passed and I was finally able to process everything. I got out and went back into the hotel room.
I stepped in.

The day couldn't get any worse.

My jaw dropped and Rogue was in the middle of changing.

This couldn't be happening.

I slammed the door back shut and ran to Yukino's room since we shared room numbers. I knocked impatiently and she quickly opened it, letting me in.

I couldn't take anymore of today.

"Yukino... This day keeps getting worse and worse..." I groaned.
"Tell me about it..." She sighed. "Let's talk about this over lunch, shall we?" She smilled and stood up.
"Of course! I heard their takoyaki is amazing..." I got up but quickly realized that I only had a towel on.
Yukino led me to her room and let me borrow a few clothes.
She was very kind.
We headed out of her room and down into the restaurant.
And of course we spot Sting and Rogue there, stuffing their faces with food.
Yukino and I avoided eye contact with them.
We took our seats and ordered.
We both ordered just tea and takoyaki.

We talked about our situations. Apparently something happened to her when she left aswell.
Apparently Sting came barging into her room, reeking of liquor and slumped himself on her and immediately fell asleep.
She didn't move or do anything though, seeing as they were close.
She was stuck like that for at least an hour.
He eventually woke up and stormed off.
I glanced at Yukino, and then Sting...
I then mentally put them beside eachother.
"I approve." I said suddenly.
"Of what?" Her cheeks flushed.
"I approve of you and Sting being together... You two look like quite the couple together." I smirked.
Her face flushed immensely.

Sting's POV

"You hear that Rogue?" I sipped my water.
The black haired mage nodded, still embarassed from earlier.
"You do realize this was entirely your fault, right?" He rested his head in both of his hands.
"Yeah. I'm not regretting it." I smirked. "I bet you got a little excited yourself." My smirk only grew wider. (A/N) "excited" ahahah)
Black shadowy magic thickly clouded around him.
"Hey, calm down. It'll only make us closer with them!" I tried seeing the bright side of things.
"I swear, I'm going to kill you one day..." The shadows faded.

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