Chapter Fourteen: Living In A Dream

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Rogue's POV

I snuck under the covers while she was asleep. She looked so calm. Like all her worries washed away. The redness that I saw on her face earlier was all gone. She looked like she was submerged into her own world.
She was living in a dream right now. And I couldn't wait to live in mine.
My body relaxed against the cool sheets. I stayed close to the edge so we were as far apart from eachother as far as the bed let us.
I could feel my awkwardness rise within me. I tried breathing to keep calm.
I shut my eyes.
And not before long, I was living in a dream.

It was back in my childhood. When I was young, and when Skiadrum was still alive.

"Ryos... There's going to be a day when you're going start feeling things..." He low voice said gently.
"Like what?" I smiled at him. I remember the days when I could give a genuine smile freely.
"You're going to have your heart racing, butterflies in you're stomach, mind full of things that you shouldn't care about... And when you feel these things around someone, more than once, or whenever you're with that someone... It means you're in love..." He comforted me with a smile and ruffled my hair.
"In love?" I was so innocent then.
"Yes... You're going to fall in love. Trust me, it's a powerful feeling... It'll drive you mad and make you do things you wouldn't do normally."
"When will I feel this?"
"When you find the right person, Ryos..."

And then it was pitch black... I was left to my own thoughts. I was still asleep though.

Right person?
Butterflies? Heart racing? Worrying? That's what I always felt... Around her...
There's no way this could be true.
I never wanted to fall in love. I don't want someone to be an influence on my actions, nor do I want to bring anyone down.
But maybe this could be better for me?
My voice echoed within my head.
No. I could never love or care for someone that much ever again. Whenever I do that, I only end up getting hurt. I can't do that to myself.

Just then I heard his voice again... Skiadrum's...
"Ryos... When you begin falling in love.. Or at least have these feelings around someone... They'll never leave. They'll always be in the back of your mind. And they will always be triggered once you're around that person... You may think that you'll be able to stop it, but you don't have a choice... You won't ever stop falling."

My eyes flooded open... Was that a nightmare or a dream?
I couldn't tell.
I looked over to the clock. It was 9am. I yawned.
I looked over and glanced at Kagura, just as I did so, her eyes fluttered open. I felt my cheeks flush and I looked away immediately.
"Good morning..." She yawned. I nodded and I slowly sat up, letting my eyes adjust to the bright light.
Frosch was still fast asleep.
She sat up slowly after, and getting up and grabbing a new pair of clothes. She walked into the bathroom, I'm assuming to go get ready for the day. She came back out a around ten minutes later
"We should go eat breakfast..." I suggested awkwardly, trying to fix my disheveled hair.
I went into the washroom to get ready for the day. And by the time I got out, Frosch was awake. I smiled at him and picked him up, and then the three of us arrived and the restaurant together.

We arrived. The waiter lead us to our booth.

We sat across from eachother, and this only reminded my of the last time we had breakfast together. I shivered slightly.
But I couldn't get what Skiadrum said out of my head... Was it true? Was it true I would never be able to stop falling? Is this really inevitable?
Whatever it was, I don't want it to happen. I don't want to hurt myself... Or her either.
But on the day that we met....
Why did I seem to care so much about her? Did she really take my guard down without even speaking a word to me?

I snapped out of my thoughts. My head ached. What Skiadrum said was true. I am worrying about things I shouldn't even care about.
She seemed to notice that I was too inside my head.
"You should go to the hot springs later... You seem quite stressed out as of now. It'll calm you." Her voice was oddly soothing. I nodded in return. "Good idea. Thank you."
The waiter came and took our order. I heard a mumble, it was Kagura, "I'll get takoyaki for lunch..."
I assumed she was already planning for later.
Am I going to regret inviting her to the resort? Or will it be the start of something new?

I had to clear my mind and focus on what's right in front of me. I need to enjoy the moment while it still lasts.

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