Chapter Twelve: Our Pasts

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A week later

Kagura's POV

I glanced at the time. 1:00. Rogue should arrive soon so we can catch the train to the resort.
I looked at the blue luggage and sighed in annoyance.
The only reason I agreed to this was because... Well... I'd be lying if I said I didn't want to see him. The trip was also free, so I assume anyone would pounce at the chance.
Just then, I heard a solid knock on my door. And much to be expected, it was Rogue. I smiled and I took my luggage and we began making our way to the train station.
We arrived. What looked like most of the Sabertooth members and their guests were here.
We boarded, earning slightly odd glances. We took a seat on the second booth we saw.
The whole entire guild filled up the cart. Myself and Rogue somehow miraculously managed to keep the booth to ourselves. I sighed and a tapped my fingers against the laminated, built in, wood table.
"You haven't told me about yourself yet, have you?" Rogue said, breaking the silence in the air that we breathed.
"And I have no intention of doing so." I looked out the window.
"But..." I hesitated. "There is an exception that I am in a better mood than usual..."
"Care to tell me what makes you, you?"
"As of right now... I won't mind." I inhaled... Pushing all my pride and my guard down...
I've never felt anymore vulnerable.
"So is this the real you?" He smiled.
I nodded, completely and utterly embarrased that the state I'm in even bothered to exist.
I shook away the thought and looked at him, my pupils resonated within his.
"It started off when I was little. I grew up in a village. I had a brother and my parents. We didn't have the greatest amount of money, but we lived in harmony either way. Until that harmony came back and crashed down on us. A child hunt began in our small village. My brother... Simon... He was a key to my happiness. He made me smile. But again with the harmony, my happiness was also taken away. I managed to just scathe through my possible death. I vowed to find him, only to find out later he was dead." My voice was stern. I held in my emotions, surprisingly. Perhaps due to us being completely exposed to the public.
"I feel like there's more too it. With a story like that, I doubt anyone could stay so nochalant." He sighed.
"Might you return the favour?" I raised a brow at him questioningly.
He widened his eyes.
"Once we get to the resort, surely. And you can tell me the full story." He said.
I had no idea I was going along with this. I suppose I just felt comfortable... I suppose I trusted him.
"Why were you asking? And why are you so willing to tell me who you are aswell?"
"I wanted to know you better... Because well... I... I guess I just couldn't stand being "strangers" to eachother anymore. And I did it only because it's only fair. And once again, I want to get past being strangers." He said blantantly.
"I appreciate that you're being open with your opinions. I personally hate opinions that are caked over. What good is a half-baked truth?" I smiled a bit but it immediately faded.
Their was now silence between us, yet it wasn't awkward.
Until today I can't him out of my head. He's been lurking my thoughts ever since. I don't know if what I've done is the better choice but there's no backing out now. I breathed and looked out the window.
I just realized.... We're going to a resort... In the winter?
"Wait is this some indoor resort?" I asked. If not, I am immediately regretting coming here.
"I believe so. If not well..." He lifted his right arm up so he could rest his head in his hand.
He shrugged. "In the ticket they said they had some of the best tea. And Takoyaki."
My eyes sparkled. "T-Tea? And Takoyaki?" I was a sucker for tea, and I could not pass off an offer of some good takoyaki. I could easily see that Rogue noticed the light tone in my voice.
He smirked a bit, causing me to blush slightly.
"Yes. The tea and takoyaki are their specials."
I tried containing my happiness. I breathed for a few moments. Calming down my racing heart.
Just then he turned green. He rested his head until the train ride was over.

Just a few more hours passed and we arrived at the train station. I stood up. My body was stiff due to sitting for that long period of time. I looked over and Rogue did the same, a bit shaky from his motion sickness I presumed. Just then I saw a green animal in a pink frog costume pop out of his luggage. He was the cutest thing I've ever seen.
"Is that a... Cat?" My eyes sparkled once again.
Rogue looked over. "Yeah." He said, matter of factly, and more bitter than usual. 'Quite an overprotective father.' I thought. I laughed a bit to myself.
We walked off the train and we walked a little bit until we arrived at the resort.
It was quite nice. It looked cozy, with bamboo and pine wood accents. The floor was a dark wood, causing the cream coloured walls to pop.
Just then, a blonde haired mage with blue eyes approached us.
"U-Uhm. So I um... So Tomoya-san forgot to reserve one more room which was for one of you. So basically you two are going to have to sleep in the same room." And he walked off before we could say anything.
My jaw dropped. I looked over to the side.
A dark, shadowy essence emitted from Rogue, reflecting his anger.
The mage who approached us just a second ago, came back and handed us just two room keys, for the same room.

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