Chapter 1

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Audio: Mind Over Matter

"I don't want to be here." Alan says as he pulls his backpack closer to his body as we make our way up the staircase of our new school. We're walking up the marble steps, seeing other students pass us, some at an accelerated speed and others not even having their feet touch the ground.

"Oh come on Alan," I tell him optimistically, "It's our time." I tell him as I reach over, grab his shoulder, and turn him around so we're both looking over the view that it's front of the school.

"It's our time to reach for the stars, literally." I say quoting our new school motto.

"Yeah, our time to get the hell out of here." Alan says while brushing my hand off his shoulder. "Why can't we just go to a normal school like 85% of our population does?"

"Because we're part of Armstrong's Academy for Unique Individuals." I say with mock pride. I honestly don't know why I'm here. I tested for super when I was younger, but I've yet to figure out what my powers actually are.

"Unique jackasses are more like it." He says under his breath, careful not be heard by the passing football team.

"You're just mad your only power is melting." I say mockingly. 

"At least I know what my super power is." He says, with a playful shove.

"Oh fuck you." I tell him, playfully shoving him back.

"When and where, babe. When and where." Alan says and I just roll my eyes.

"Come on, let's go find the front office so we can get our schedules." I say as I pull him towards the map located at the center atrium, in the middle of all the small tables and chairs.

"All right, so it says we're here." I say pointing to the big red dot that signalizes where we are. "And the front office is over," I say trying to find where it is on the map. "Why would they call it the front office if it's all the way in the back?" I say as I finally find it.

"That's because it's called the main office, not the front office." I hear a voice say behind me. Alan and I turn around and see a slender guy with bright red hair standing in front of us.

"Whoa, where the fuck did you come from?" Alan asks in astonishment.

"Josh Dun, teleportation." He says, waiting for us to say who we are and what are powers are.  This is sure to be fun.

"Alan Ashby, melting" He says with a sigh.

"Oh, a melter? We haven't had a popsicle around here in a while." Josh says, looking over at me, waiting for my introduction.

"Uh, Kellin Quinn, undetermined." I say, feeling slightly embarrassed.

"Oh, so you're the one." I hear him say under his breath. "All right, well let me escort you guys to the main office." He says, while extending his hands, to which Alan and I just look at him, wondering what he's doing.

"You guys have to be making contact with mefor us to be able to move as a unit." He says while his eyes roll.

"Oh, oh yeah, we knew that." Alan says as we both grab on to Josh's hands.

"Yeah, I'm sure." Josh says as he closes his eyes, and the next thing I know, we're being pulled through a vortex of colors and vivid images. After what feels about 5 minutes, which I'm sure was just 5 seconds, we're in the middle of an office that smells like old coffee and stale doughnuts.

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