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I already warned you. But you still click this chapter, I think you are ready. Ready to know the reality, ready to enter their lives, and as ready as Lucifer and Winter, too.



I touched her cheek as I move my lips towards her neck.

She touches my chest, removing all the buttons of my clothe.

"Do you really want this?"- I said while kissing and touching her breasts.

She gasped and answer me...

"No doubt, honey. No doubt."

I removed her dress and seen the most beautiful body. A breast that has pinkish nipple.

"Ah. Ohhh."- she gasped.

I kissed everywhere of her part. From lips down to her neck, down to her breast down to her tights.

Pumaibabaw siya sa akin at ako naman ang hinandugan ng maaalab na halik.

She opened the zipper of my slocks, and I took it off.

She kisses my lips as I'm imagining what will happen after this.

She touches my manhood that obviously very angry, and ready to have her.

She stopped.

"Why?"- I asked.

She pouted. At niyakap ako kahit nakapaibabaw pa sa akin.

"Nahihiya ako sayo."- she said.


"I don't know what will be the next step. Hindi naman ako ganun kainosente, pero... Argh, honestly?? I don't know how to... how to.."- she shyly stopped.

"How to what?"- me.

"How to.. lick it?"- she said not looking at me. She must be very shy.

I laugh a little.

She sit straightly, sitting in me.

She spank my chest, while pouting.

"Whaat? What did I do?"- I said while laughing.

"You're laughing at me. I just don't know how to do it."- she said.

"Silly, you don't have to do that."- I smiled then pull her to kiss her lips.

"T-teka!"- siya.

"What??"- I replied.

"But I must."- she smiled.

Napapikit ako nang hawakan niya ang nagngangalit kong pag-aari.

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