Moo Snuckel

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I hold my daughters hand as we go through the mall. "Mommy? Are we ever gonna get a new Daddy?" She asked me and I shrugged. "Maybe some day honey. Mama just hast to visit dad today for something." I told her and she giggled. "Am I gonna get ice cream today?" She asked and I chuckled. "If you're gonna be mama's little helper, then yes." I smiled and she cheered. "But!" I said and she looked at me. "You must count from 1 to 10." I said and she nodded. "1,2,3,, 5? 6,7, bunny, turtle, 10!" She said and I shrugged. "Eh, close enough." I said and we made it to Josh's store. The ice cream/shake shop. I walk in and I see he's flirting with another girl, but I don't care. I divorced his ass for a reason but there is a second reason why I'm here. Child support. I cough and he seems to give the girl her shake and shoo her off. "(Y/N)! It's so nice to see you." He said with a smile and kissed my hand. "Yeah, sure it is. Listen, why haven't you been paying child support?" I ask as I pick up little Nicky. "Is that all the reason you came here for?~" he asked getting close but I step back. "Yes Josh. Now, answer the question." "Well it's simple, I'm not paying till I actually have you." "Excuse me? It's your fault that were not together." I said and he rolled his eyes. "Honestly, what did I do?" He asked, getting annoyed. "Seriously? You slept with my high school bully! Basically all 3 of them!" I yelled and I hope that doesn't draw attention. He grew angry and rolled his eyes.
Brock POV
I walk with Evan and look at several men shops, shoe shops, Sydney even brought us to Victoria's Secret! "Still don't see anything you like Brock?" Evan joked and I rolled my eyes, playfully. "Shut up. I didn't need to know what women underwear looked like now." I said and Sydney giggled.  I looked at other stores across and I stopped in my tracks. I saw the most beautiful woman I saw in my entire life. Evan stopped too and waved a hand in my face. "Uh, Brock?" He asked. He looked to where I was looking and smirked. "Looks like somebody's in love~" He said and I nodded. I walked closer and see she was yelling at a man...with a child in her arms. "Guess she's with someone.." I sighed and I turned to walk away but turned again when I heard a scream. I saw the woman on the floor rubbing her cheek and the child being held by her hair by the man. I ran to them and grabbed the child, kicking the man down. I set the child down and helped the lady up. When she looked up at me, I felt my face begin to be warm. She had beautiful (E/C) eyes that I could stare into all day if she'd let me. She had (H/C) hair that would fall just perfectly in front of her face. I helped her up and kept holding her hand for what felt like hours. We stopped staring at each other and let go. "Um, thanks." She said, picking up the child. I nodded and she smiled at me. "I'm Brock." I said and held out my hand. She shook it and smiled, "I'm (Y/N)." "That's a real pretty name." I commented and she blushed. I looked back at the man and frowned. "I assume that's your husband?" "What? N-No. He's actually my Ex-Husband." She stated looking at her kid. I brushed her hair out of her eye and gave her a hug, which she returned. She let go and set the child down. She rummaged through her purse and pulled out a business card. "Call me." She said and walked away, with her child close behind. Evan walked over and gave me a smirk. "So?" He asked and I blushed. "She's, Ok..." I said and he froze. "Ok? You just saved her and her kid, hugged her, accepted her number, and watched her ass out the door. And you call that ok?" He said and I chuckled. "Fine. She's hot." I admitted and he smiled. "That's more like it." He said and we continued walking.

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