Chapter 8

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Perrie's POV

" Perrie, Rachel come down here." Zayn yelled at us. I looked at Rachel and nodded my head at her. She nodded back at me and we made our down the stairs. 

"You called." I said.

"Yes Zayn and I are going out so that leaves you two by yourselves."

"Where are the others?" Rachel asked Niall.

"Out. You two better be here when we get back."

"Yea we know." I told them rolling my eyes.

"We'll be back in an hour." The boys walked out the door leaving me and Rachel alone.

"You ready?" I asked her. She nodded her head then went to her place. 

"Okay meet you back here in ten." I walked up to the room and grabbed our bags that we hid for the escape. I went to see if I could find a extra gun that Zayn might have. I looked in the closet but found nothing. I started to open the drawers digging threw them. I opened the last drawer and found a bunch of sketches and pencils. I picked up the stack of sketches and flipped threw them. Most of them where scenery but then the changed into a girl. I stopped flipping and looked at the girl. The girl was a blonde working at a bakery.Then I picked up the rest and they where all of me somewhere in my life. The last one was me smiling and being happy. I put the sketches back then quickly walked back down the stairs and placed the bags by the door. I opened the door to go check on Rachel but instead was meet by Zayn and Niall. 

"Going somewhere?" Zayn asked then raised his eyebrow. I hate when he does that.

"You know just getting some fresh air." 

"Oh really?" Niall asked.

"You know don't you?" 

"We always know. Anything that happens in this house we know." Niall told me. I rolled my eyes.

"Security cameras?" I asked him crossing my arms.

"I'm not going to answer that. Now where is Rachel?" He asked me.

"Long gone." I lied

"She wouldn't leave without you."

"Like you know everything." 

"Niall bags, has clothes, food, and MY WALLET." Zayn glared at me once he found it.

"You're a heavy sleeper."  I told him.

"Now one more time. Where is Rachel?" Niall asked pinning me to the wall.

"Garage trying to hot wire your car." I finally admitted. Niall let go of me then stormed into the garage. I heard a scream then followed by a slamming of a door.

"Let go off me." Rachel yelled struggling in his arms.

"You just never learn do you Rachel." Nial scolded her. He threw her on the sofa then Zayn shoved me onto it.

"You two are in so much trouble. Especially you." Niall pointed to Rachel.

"It was my plan. I'll take her punishment."

"Sit down Perrie."


"SIT...DOWN." Zayn growled at me. I slowly sat down.

"As I was saying It's not my place to punish property that isn't mine. So Rachel I'll deal with you. As for you Perrie, Zayn decided your punishment."  I sighed as I heard that. Niall grabbed Rachel's wrist then dragged her up the stairs. Zayn looked at me then took a site on the coffee table.

"So do you want to tell me the truth or are we going to do this the hard way?" Zayn asked me. 

"It was my plan. Rachel just went along with it." Zayn gave me a questionable look.

"Okay maybe she had a bit of input." I mumbled. Zayn crossed his arms.

"What's my punishment?" 

"Go to bed." 

"What?" I asked him.

"You didn't do anything wrong. Besides stealing my wallet. So i'm going to let this one slide." 


"Yes now go to bed before I change my mind." I quickly ran up the stairs and into my room. I smiled to myself when I looked at the drawer with the sketches. I think I might be growing feelings.

Rachel's POV


"Okay meet you back her in ten." I nodded my head then made my way to the garage. I pulled out the keys and unlocked the car. I opened the truck and quickly found what I was looking for, my phone. I turned it on and saw I had 10% battery left. I opened my texts and found the number I wanted.

"Where's Rachel?" I heard Niall yell. Shoot.

England. Kidnapped. Gang. Help. Don't reply. I quickly sent the text then once it sent I deleted it. I slid it into my pocket then slammed the truck. I went to the drivers seat and started to climb in.

"Going somewhere?" I heard.

"No." I whispered. Niall grabbed me then dragged me inside the house.

"LET GO OF ME." I yelled at him thrashing in his arms.

"You just never learn do you Rachel." Niall scolded me. He threw me on the sofa.

"You two are in so much trouble. Especially you." Niall pointed at me.

"It was my plan. I'll take her punishment." Perrie told him.

"Sit down Perrie." Zayn scolded her


"SIT...DOWN." Zayn growled at me. She slowly sat down.

"As I was saying It's not my place to punish property that isn't mine. So Rachel I'll deal with you. As for you Perrie, Zayn decided your punishment." Niall grabbed my wrist then dragged me upstairs to our room.

"Let go of me." I said trying to loosen his grip but he only tightened his grip.

"Stop trying to run away." He growled at me. I felt tears slip out of my eyes.

"When will you every learn?" Niall asked me while shaking his head.

"Come here." He told me. I shook my head and slowly moved away from him. He roughly grabbed me and threw me on the bed. He crawled on top of me. 

"You'll never run away from me again, right?" He asked me while pinning my arms above my head. I didn't answer and turned my head away from him.

"Look at me." He grabbed my cheeks and forced me to look at him.

"I own you. You're mine. Got that?" I nodded my head.

"Yes sir." I whimpered.

"Now the real punishment starts." He said as he started to unbuckle his belt. 


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