Part 4

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Sorry everybody for the long wait. Been so busy with football and then dealing with some friends who cant be trusted so anyways thatnks for waiting on the next part. it may be alil shorter than most of my stories but i think you all will like this added addition. By the way... COMMENT SO I KNOW HOW WELL IM DOING. It really sucks to know people are reading but not commenting lol. Without further delay here is part 4.

Death is not happy thing to see, espacially if your as pissed as a bull seeing nothing but red. I noticed that after waking up from the power that was unleashed from within, I was standing on charred sand. I was confused as to what had happend, but just in that instant it came back to me, rushing like the blood from a cut to the throat. It was then that i felt all my emotions, all my pain and botled up inside my heart. I sealed it tight with the tears and the blood of my family and now life just didnt seem to exist. This action casused me to leave back everything that i once had and exchange it for a new life. I no longer felt like edward from New Orleans. I felt like an insane mentalist who has been stuck in a asylum for thousands of years and I just peeled the final layer that caused me my sanity. I wanted to take rip the heads off of any living thing, yet keep anything that was pure and good to myself. Then it became clear.. This darkness was manafesting inside my heart my entire life and now that it has been released... It wants blood, it wants revenge, it wants death. This caused me to change my name. I am no longer known as edward. I shall be known now as dementia. I no longer feel as if my mind is with me. I've lost everything and now my heart feels like abottomless pit of emptyness that i wished no longer to full of emotions.... but blood from any living thing that is not of my original mind. As i get up from my knees I see a small pond of water and the feeling of thirst doesnt bother me like it should.o just for the hell of it i walk towards it only to see my reflection staring me in the face. My eyes are no long the brown it used to be, they are now a dark red surrounded by jet black. I notice that my skin color is now darker like a charred marshmellow, my hair is cut military style almost bald, my muscles were more cut han they were before like i ahd been lifting weights while i was out cold. Im startin tolike this new body becasue it seems strike fear in myself and im hoping in others. I get up to walk away but i see something in the distant landscape. It looks like a small flag pole standing straight out of the ground but no flag but something shiny. I run towards it hoping that it is what i think it is. As i get closer i smile probably the most scariest smile because my hunch was correct. I have earned my new weapon of mass destruction..... my sycthe. I pick it and something strange begins to happen in my soul. It disappeared.... inside my sycthe, but its replaced by the power hidden inside me. I feel myself becomig stronger, faster, agile, and smarter. All these different styles of fighting flowed thriugh my mind as if I had spent my entire life learning them for the sake of sport. From mix martial arts to tai chi. My trainning is now over and i have become a true soul stealing death reaper of the dark core society.(will go into great detail later on in the story because I feel you might want to know more about the dark core society)

3 months Later========================+++>>>>>>>

"Sir the battle has begun and the pupil of yours is not showing any mercy on the field. He is leading the attack on the front line now nad is blasting through their barracades."

"This pupil of yours shey is much help to the war and glad that you decided to but him through those trials."

"thank you general. Did you inform the high king about my new apprentice or did slip your mind like last years battle strategy?"

"Your funny you asswhole."

"Dont worry imma be here all night and all day if i have to."

On the battlefield.......

In my mind i was movin faster than anything out there. I saw an enemy in white trying to come from behind so i jumped, sumersaulted over his head, as i came down i dragged my sycthe through his neck and watched as the blood spilled to the floor. In a split second saw three more enemies head straight towards me. I clicked the button on the middle of the sycthe and a blade appeared on the bottom half and in a flash cracked in half to be linked by a lengthy chain. ibegan to swing it back and for and then charged through the three like were grass and i was the lawn mower. I could see the fort strong hold and i jump up in the air and soar over its walls. I was surrounded by soldiers and let my instincts control my actions. I jumped and in midair I slung the blades likle a blury of sliver knives. I came down with a thud. Everything was still, then I openned my eyes and saw that everything was dead.All enemies were dead and they lay in heaps of blood and flesh.

"well done in capturing their strong hold edward."

"I told its not edward anymore. Its dementia or just DT. Wait no fuck that jus call me D"

"Should I care no but I do care about your mission and how its was success. I comend you on a job welll done"

"Sure whatever."

"Kill survivers because if they get away you'll be under some heavy fire."

"I'll take care of it personally master."

How did you guys like this storie. So far I havent got to the part when they first mee but it trust me it will be one on one combat that will keep you fishes on the hook. Promise to make it longer though

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