[Shortfic] 2pm I Was Crazy About You [DROP]

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Aut name: Natalie Cao

Rating: T

Discalmer: The character's is not belong to me! xD

Category: Romance, Comedy

Sumarry: I'll remember this day. May 1, 2006. The day I met my first love....

Pairing: Nickhun - x

Status: On-going

Note:  ....

Warning: dun hate me~

“Chapter One”

                “Wait up!” I managed to pull myself out of the busy crowd, “SolHee, please slow down!” I slowed down after a few minutes and turned back to face my other best friend, EunMi.

                “She’s not even listening to me.” I sighed as we both watched SolHee run around looking for things that could possibly amuse her. I look at EunMi for help, but she just shrugged in response.

                “I’m going to find something to eat.” she decided, “You want anything?”

                “Anything is fine. Oh can you get me a lemon ice tea? Extra ice, it’s so hot today I think all the ice will melt before you even get back here with my drink.” I started looking for SolHee to see what she wanted, but she was nowhere in sight.

                “She’s gone.”

                “Thanks, Captain Obvious.” I laughed and pulled out my phone. SolHee picked up after one ring.

                “Is something wrong?”

                “How would you know? You’re not even here.” I said sarcastically. “EunMi’s going to get some food, you want anything?”

                There was a slight pause before she answered, “We had lunch at school before we left.”

                I turned back to EunMi and whispered, “She doesn’t want anything.”

                “I want lemon ice tea! Extra ice!” she protested.

                “Get her a lemon ice tea with extra ice.” I corrected myself. EunMi nodded and disappeared within the crowd.  I continued my conversation with SolHee.

                “Where are you any-“

                “Look I got to go do something. I’ll call you later!”

                “Wait! What am I supposed to…” too late. She’s gone…again. “What am I supposed to do?” I said to myself. I knew SolHee was being picked up by some guy again but it never seems to end well…for the guys.

                I strolled around the place, looking for something to do or at least trying to look like I’m not a loser who’s totally lost at a Korean Wave Music Festival. I can’t believe SolHee spent three days convincing me to come here, only to leave me the moment we got in. Actually I can’t believe there are so many people here today. If you add a hot summer day, Los Angeles, and hundreds of people roaming around in one particular place…it’s not pretty.

                “Excuse me…pardon me….ow!” I stumbled across the pavement, going head first for the ground. I closed my eyes and waited for the pain to come in.

                “Whoa there..”

                Ha-Ha, must have hit my head pretty hard there, hard enough to hallucinate apparently. I open my eyes hoping no one was looking at what was probably the most embarrassing moment of my life while I was facing flat on the ground. To my surprise, no one was looking at me except one person, the person who is miraculously keeping my face from kissing the ground and everyone else from witnessing it.

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