Typical Day

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The school bell rung, indicating that class was now in session. Everyone sat in their seats and looked forward at the board. Ebony sat directly in the middle of the classroom. She nervously tapped her pencil on the desk.

"What's wrong with you, Blackie?" The girl behind her remarked. She had a honey blonde afro, really light skin, and big, bubblegum pink lips. Her eyes were the prettiest shade of emerald green, and she had small, brown freckles scattered underneath her eyes.

The entire class roared in laughter. The tears burned the back of Ebony's eyes. It wasn't even the first time this type of remark was made, but they laughed at it like it was the first.

"Leave me alone." Ebony mumbled ashamed.

"Yeah,man. Leave her alone. It ain't a crime being black." The dude next to her defended. He was a dark male with a wide nose and big, black lips. His eyes was the darkest shade of brown.

"Don't stand up for her. She got a mouth. She just need to use it." The same girl spat. Ebony's fists balled. She was becoming upset, but as usual, there was nothing she could do. She was defenseless and she knew it. Her eyes turned blood shot red.

"Gloria, chill out! That girl don't do nothing to nobody! I don't understand why you keep bothering her." The guy defended, revealing the bully's name. She rolled her eyes and smacked her lips.

"Whatever. She still ugly though. And I don't know why you mad either. You big, black and ugly too. Don't hate me because I'm light and beautiful." She snarred. The light skin girl next to her laughed and gave her a high five. Gloria's friend wore her hair in a long, black sythentic ponytail that was positioned on the side of her head. Her eyes were brown, she had a slender nose and her lips were juicy and pink. In her ears, she wore huge, gold hoop earrings. She smacked on a stick of bubble gum and blew it into a bubble.

Of course Gloria was beautiful, Ebony thought. Gloria was bi-racial and inherited the most beautiful traits from her parents. If it weren't for her stink attitude, she would almost be flawless. Her attitude doesn't stop her from thinking she is. The guy sucked his teeth.

"I've seen girls badder than you. You not even all that pretty or cute, neither." He mumbled. He hoped Gloria didn't hear him, but she did. Gloria rose up from her seat and strutted over to the guy.

"So, you saying I'm not sexy? Look at me. Look at this." She seduced him, pointing to her butt. Indeed, she did have a swollen backside. It was the only thing, besides her face, that gave her all of the attention she has now. Gloria bended over in his face and slid her hand down her right butt cheek.

"You like that daddy?" She purred. Ebony tried to ignore her, but she couldn't help herself from looking. She wasn't into girls, but how could she not look at someone who's next to her begging for attention. Ebony's eyes roamed her body, examining her outfit instead.

Gloria wore a tight, green halter top that accentuated her small B cup breasts. Her black push-up bra was visible underneath her shirt. She also had on a pair of light colored, distressed skinny jeans that looked too tight on her. On her feet, she styled a pair of green and white Jordans and wore a pair of silver hoop earrings to complete her look.

The guy's mouth watered. He knew he wanted her and this could probably be his chance to get her where he wanted. He licked his lips and watched the sensual show displayed in front of him.

"Tell you what, how about you be quiet the rest of the class period and after school, I'll let you hit it. But, only under one condition, you can't defend her. Be quiet and then you can make all the noise you want later, okay? How does that sound?" She demanded, straddling his lap and whispering to him. His large hands rested on her buttocks and he lightly moaned by its soft texture. She kissed his chin and got up.

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