She pushed on his chest while turning him about

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She pushed on his chest while turning him about. Then did the same to Han. "Go!"

"I resent being—"

She growled at him. The tentative hold on Unnamed started to slip and threatened to rip through her layers of self-control.

Unnamed stirred, the vines moving down her spine.

She grabbed their arms, flipping them over twenty feet away, onto the soft grasses.

The spider-nab dropped out of the tree. She growled at it, unable to speak. Her body dripped with sweat. Daggers in hand.

It lunged at her aiming for her head.

She dodged it then sliced at its leg. The dagger bounced off, almost flying from her hand. How'd it ever get this far out?

"Thought I killed you, O' king Arachnida!"

Parcival and Han ran over.

Parcival spread his feet cupping his hands together. Spreading them an energy ball shot out from his palms. It hit the spider-nab on its thorax, it backed away squealing.

It hissed low raising on its back legs, she rolled to the side, and it lunged it's dripping fangs just missing her arm.

"Die already!" Parcival poked its abdomen with his saber.

The spider-nab let out an airy squeal.

The Adapts are wrong, they aren't cowards.

"Parcival quit playing with it and kill it already," Han said.

"Everything is trying to kill me!"

Not you, me. The dark spirits possess this creature now and more will come.

How to stop this?

Resurrect my body, work with Kar.

Why your body?

Talk about this later, and Next time run stop looking for fights.

One of them snorted. "You call that playing?"

###### Stopped here. I need to go brainstorm a little.######

They reached a town of some sort. They talked with several people before running off with her body to the end of the town.

Energy. Our souls are energy, with bodies of flesh to—to what? Memories were as slippery now as an interrupted dream.

A kind looking priest came out of a small marble temple. These back towns couldn't afford grand ones, what with marble so hard to obtain.

Hum. Some used treestone but it wasn't the same it didn't collect the light spirits energy as well.

Part of her wanted to wander inside.

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