Chapter 2

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A while later, we were sat in a quaint little coffee shop that I'd spotted on the way up. Hot beverages in front of us, we sat near a window seat looking out at the street.

"I am so sorry that I asked you to come so suddenly..." I mumbled, pressing my fingers to my forhead.

"It's okay." Ludwig reassured. "I could do with the caffine anyway."

"You could?"

"Jet lag. I only flew out yesterday."

"Wow, really? From Germany?"

"Yeah. When did you fly over?"

"Oh, a couple of days back. I was really stoked to cone see my big brother as well, but he sounded so grumpy over the phone." I laughed a little, remembering Lovi's reaction when I told him I'd be going to the same university as him.

"Who's your brother?" Ludwig asked.

"Oh! He's called Lovi. Well, actually he's called Lovino but most people call him Lovi. We're basically polar opposites, he's so loud and rash and grumpy while I'm happy and carefree and lively. We do look the same though, except he has darker hair and eyes and skin. Oh, here." I dug around in my bag, pulling out my phone and showing him a selfie of me and Lovi that I had as my lockscreen.

Ludwig smiled a little. "I see what you mean with the opposites thing." He laughed.

Smiling, I gazed out of the window and watched a golden leaf fall from a tree. "I love autumn." I smiled.

"It's your favourite?" The taller asked, also gazing out of the window.

"Yes. It's so beautiful. It's like the world around you changes completely, and you're left with the prettiest season. It so lovely how all the tree leaves go gold and brown and orange and yellow, and the air is sort of cold so you can get wrapped up in a scarf but it's not too cold like winter. Oh, and the drinks! You can get wonderful hot drinks like we are, ana all the coffe shops smell amazing, like cinnamon. Cinnamon hot chocolate is my favourote autumn drink, it just warms you up so much and... oh, sorry." I trailed off, realizing that I'd spoken so much.

"No, please continue." Ludwig smiled, taking a sip from his drink.

"But, I'm rambling and it's probably boring." I mumbled.



"Who's ever told you to stop talking? Because right now, looking at you, I never want you to stop. Your eyes glaze up and start twinkling, you get this cute little smile on your face and you blush. You're so happy, talking about something you love, yet someone's told you to stop?"

"Oh..." I gasped, mulling over the words. "Ludwig, you're the only person who's nice enough to listen." I mumbled, as I took a sip from the cinnamon hot chocolate I had ordered.

We sat like that, talking and laughing and even ended up ordering more drinks. The waitress smiled at us, then went off to make our drinks. Silence fell, and the commotion of the coffee shop enveloped me as I found myself mesmerized, simply staring at Ludwig. I don't know how long we spent gazing at eachother, but when the waitress came back, she set down our drinks and walked away, giggling.

I looked down, pulling my drink closer to me when I realized that there was a heart of cocoa on top, I peeked at Lugwig's and realized there was one on his. Blushing deeply, I tried to surpress a smile that was creeping onto my face and lifted the cup to hide it. When Ludwig saw his heart, he blushed as well, but got really flustered and embarrassed. I giggled a little; he was really cute. Stoic, but cute...

Still smiling, I set my cup down and gazed back up at the German. His eyes captivated me the most- they were sky blue in colour, and seemed to shine brightly, somehow breaking the tough guy look. I giggled again, then covered my mouth to stop myself.

Ludwig smiled a little, rubbing the back of his neck. A telltale tinge of pink was dusting his cheeks, and I took another sip of my coffee.

"Sorry, sorry." I laughed again. "I'm just staring at you all weird aren't I?"

"A little bit." The German laughed, then paused, his blush deepening. "You have the most wonderful laugh, Feliciano."

I gasped, then felt my face heat up rapidly. I covered my face and resisted the urge to squeal, then moved my hands to see Luwig rubbing his neck again. It was sweet how he seemed a little awkward around people...

"Thank you! Grandpa Rome always says to live, love and laugh, so I try and get tge most out of life." I explained.

"You're very strange, you know?" Ludwig smiled fondly.

"I have been called that on many occasions, yes." I giggled. "But normally in different context." I added.

Ludwig laughed loudly, then blushed when a few people turned to see the noise. I ended up being the center of attention when I laughed even louder.

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