Chapter 13

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A few weeks passed, and it was now the middle of December. Even if it was very cold outside, the rain hadn't turned to snow yet, something that wasn't very surprising seeing as it usually didn't snow very much here in Holmes Chapel. But since it felt like you were in the middle of Antarctic whenever you stepped out of your house, you thought it might as well start snowing any day. To be honest, it was colder than it usually was in December, and that was not a good thing whatsoever. It just meant that you had to wear more clothes and warmer jackets. Not to mention, it was suffocating to walk to the bus stop every morning, especially when you were freezing your hands off. Your whole body for that matter.

Louis and I hadn't really spoken to each other after the incident at the restaurant. I still didn't know whether that was better than fighting with him, but the more days that passed, the more I started to realize how much I missed talking to him in some ways. It was stupid, really, because I shouldn't be thinking about him in this way. I should be happy that we hadn't interacted in more than two weeks, but sadly that wasn't the case, and that realization honestly scared me.

When it came to what he told me that day at the restaurant, I hadn't really gotten anywhere. I mean, there had been two years where I was sure he was the reason why we had stopped being friends, and now he just came out of nowhere and told me I was the reason? There was no way I could possibly figure out anything I had done wrong. If there was, shouldn't I have already figured that out a long time ago since I had basically asked myself what happened between the two of us every day ever since we fell apart? Well, I would think so at least.

As for Niall, he had actually taken matters into his hands and talked to me a few times during the last few weeks. He even sat with me and Liam at lunch sometimes, something I found quite entertaining. It was nice to have someone other than just Liam - and sometimes Ed - there all the time, and Niall was a great guy once you got to know him and when he didn't act like a stupid jerk who only made nasty remarks all the time. I was actually starting to grow fond of him, but not in a "more than friendly" way. I just liked his funny and kind of awkward persona and that is all.

Unfortunately, things hadn't gone that well with Liam and Zayn, though. Liam was trying his best to make Zayn notice him and had even tried to seduce him, but so far Zayn had barely even thrown him a glance. It saddened me to see Liam so miserable day in and day out thanks to this. I just wished I could do something about it, like walk up to the raven haired guy and demand him to tell me whether he had feelings for Liam or not, or at least ask him why he had decided to kiss him if he wasn't going to do anything about it, but Liam had told me not to interfere with anything, and so I didn't.

It was now Saturday and I was sitting at the kitchen table in a pair of black joggers and a grey jumper, eating breakfast with my family. After living with Louis and his father for more than a month, I had finally gotten used to it. It no longer felt weird to say the word 'family' when I spoke about them, although it should since I still had a hard time understanding that Louis was my step brother. But, at least I had gotten used to him wandering around my house constantly.

Since it was only nine in the morning, Louis was still asleep and also the only one who wasn't present in the kitchen. This was nothing new, so mum wouldn't even comment about it anymore, which she had actually done in the beginning since she thought it would be nice for all of us to eat breakfast together. That desire had been forced to disappear though, because Louis was not a morning person whatsoever, especially not on the weekends. He thought nine o'clock was way too early to wake up when you didn't have school to attend, and to be honest, I kind of agreed with him there, but I didn't want to make mum even more upset by telling her I wouldn't join them at breakfast on the weekends either.

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